The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

On June 11 this year, Catholics around the world celebrated the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

A symbol of Christ's tender love

Although this feast is a product of the seventeenth century, devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as a symbol of Christ's tender love for humanity has patristic and medieval roots, including Franciscan writers.

The Franciscan connection

See the column by George Corrigan, OFM, who at the time was pastor of a parish originally staffed by Jesuits, but more recently by Franciscans.
Dominic Monti

Written by : Dominic Monti

Dominic V. Monti, OFM, is a Franciscan Friar of Holy Name Province (USA) and currently professor of Franciscan Research in the Franciscan Institute of St. Bonaventure University. A native of nearby Bradford, PA, he was educated at St. Bonaventure (BA); after joining the Order, he attended the Catholic University of America (STB), Union Theological Seminary, NY (STM), and the Divinity School of the University of Chicago (PhD). He devoted the greater part of his ministry to teaching the History of Christianity, in particular the history of the Franciscan movement. He has contributed two volumes to the Works of St. Bonaventure series and is author of Francis & His Brothers, a popular history of the Friars Minor. He is spiritual assistant to a federation of Poor Clares and the Franciscan Secular Institute, the Missionaries of the Kingship of Christ.
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