The Legend of Saint Clare - 321 

Part Two

The Miracles of Saint Clare After She Passed from the World [Chapter XXXI]

49. 1These are the marvelous signs of the saints, these are the testimonies of miracles that should be honored that rest on their foundation of holiness of character and the perfection of their deeds. 2Certainly John performed no signs Jn 10:41 nevertheless, those who did were no holier than John. 3For this reason the proclamation of her most perfect life would be sufficient to witness to her holiness except that something more is required partly [due to] the tepidity of the people, partly [due to] their devotion.

4Therefore, while she was living, Clare made it marvelously clear through her merits; and now that she is taken up in the depths of eternal brilliance she does so nonetheless through the brilliance of her miracles to the end of the world. 5A truth, sincere and told under oath, compels me to list many things; their number compels me to pass over many.

The Liberating of Demons [Chapter XXXII]

50. 1A certain boy of Perugia, Giacomino, seemed not so much to be sick as to be possessed by a very bad demon. 2In fact, he would at times throw himself desperately in the fire or hurl himself on the ground or bite stones until he had broken his teeth or miserably wounded his head and covered his body with blood. 3With his mouth distorted and sticking out his tongue, he often twisted his limbs so easily that he frequently placed his leg around his neck. 4Twice each day this insanity afflicted the boy and two persons were unable to restrain him from taking off his clothes.

5The assistance of medical experts was required, but no one could be found who knew what to advise. 6His father Guidolotto, not finding among men any sort of remedy for such a misfortune, turned to the merits of Saint Clare. 7"O most holy virgin," he said,




Legenda Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2443-2444

Secundum opusculum

De miraculis sanctae Clarae postqnam de mundo transivit.

49 1Illa sunt Sanctorum signa mirifica, illa miraculorum testimonia veneranda, quae in morum sanctitate et operum perfectione consistunt. 2Iohannes quidem signum fecit nullum, non tamen erunt Iohanne, qui signa faciunt, sanctiores. 3Ideoque sufficeret sanctae virgini Clarae ad testimonium sanctitatis perfectissimae suae vitae praeconium, nisi interdum aliud exposceret partim tepor, partim devotio populorum.

4Clara itaque dum viveret, meritis, et iam in abyssum absorpta perpetuae claritatis, nihilominus adhuc miraculorum luce per mundi cardines mirifice declaratur. 5Cogit sincera atque iurata veritas multa conscribere: cogit multitudo quam plurima transire.

De daemoniacis liberatis.

50 1Puer quidam nomine Iacobinus de Perusio, non tam infirmus, quam daemonio pessimo videbatur obsessus. 2Nunc enim in ignem sese desperate projiciens, nunc in terra collidens, nunc usque ad dentium fractionem, lapides mordens, laniabat miserrime caput suum et corpus sanguine cruentabat. 3Ore distorto linguam foris projiciens, membrorum machinam tam facile glomerabat, ut saepe crus suum poneret super collum. 4Singulis diebus per duas vices puerum ipsum praedicta vexabat insania: nec illi duae personae obsistere poterant, quin propria exueret vestimenta.

5Peritorum medicorum juvamen requiritur, sed nullus qui sciat consulere invenitur. 6Pater eius nomine Guidolotus, postquam infortunii tanti remedium nullum apud homines invenit, ad sanctae Clarae merita se convertit: 7O virgo, inquit, sanctissima,

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 321