Pope Gregory IX - 345 

Magna sicut dicitur, August 12

To the beloved daughters, the women handmaids of Benedict,a to the Abbess of the Monastery of Saint Mary of Siena, and to the whole convent, health and Apostolic blessing.

Great joy, as is told, is born to you at My promotion, which, if it did not cause long-lasting fear from contrary events, was able to enable you to rejoice from hearing of the exaltation. But between so many various customs and the inclinations of many different people, for whose service it is given, what is to be found? Among so many currents and disturbances of cases with which a busy mind is beset, you who love Us with an intuition of kindness are not able to avoid the taste of fear but you will draw much pleasure from the office imposed on Me by the Lord of the Apostles. The increase of honor should have pleased you provided the height is not subject to dangers. It would be most pleasing to meet, together with Peter on the crest of the waves, the coming of the Redeemer, provided a wind coming from the side did not cause fear. Nevertheless, because the Lord is near to all who call on his name, and especially to you, daughters in Christ, who weep constantly at His feet, and, steadfast in prayer, anoint them with the bowels of divine pity, and mortify yourselves with constant groaning. We ask and We beg in the Lord Jesus that there come from your heart a constant cry to the Lord, so that the Servant of the Servant of Christ, and above all your servant and of all the handmaids of the Lord, that the sea of storm might not absorb Him. May grace add what negligence steals and may divine mercy buy back the sweetness of tranquility, taken away by a sudden experience of distress. Accordingly, I raise the eyes of My mind when the company of our poor brothersb follows the Lamb of God with blessed striving, among whom my soul often seemed to be deficient from a spiritual weariness, when to the pleasant places of solitude, preludes of the blessed life, stepping places of hermits for the gifts of those hastening toward heavenly




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 345