Pope Gregory IX - 346 

treasures, when to the footsteps of Blessed Benedicta set with steep stones and with inaccessible rocks, when I recall the sobbing, sighing, and abundance of tears of the handmaids of the glorious Virgin, by which My heart in its deepest reaches was renewed with a heavenly dew; as if rising from a heavy sleep I put forth the joys of an inner consolation I had lost; and I do not avoid with present gains the past losses. Placed, therefore, on the yoke of the cross, with the shouting crowds of Jews and encircled on every side by the crucifiers, I was unable to come to you. But, drunk from the cup of bitterness and myrrh, I am anxious and I am forced to look on you from afar as you lament beside the Mother of the Lord. And I leave you to my son Brother Pacifico to whom I have commended you from the cross and I desire, with bowed head, to give back to the Father the Spirit He gave. Ask that the Lord not despise the victim of the servant; ask for the servant, for the Father, for the Son, ask that I remain subject to the servants of Christ, and the handmaids. I offer myself daily and entirely for you and the other sheep and with arms extended on the cross, what remains, I place in the hands of My Father and the souls of the Lord.

Given at Anagni, on the Eleventh Ides of August in the first year of Our pontificate.b

Solet annuere, October 30c

Gregory, Bishop, Servant of the Servants of God: To the beloved daughters … to the Abbess and Sisters of the Monastery of Saint Mary de Virginibus of Cuti Todi, health and apostolic blessing.

The Apostolic See is accustomed to approve the pious wishes, and to grant a kind favor to the honest desires of those asking. Indeed, in some public documents We have seen stated that Our




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 346