Pope Gregory IX - 348 

Sicut manifestum est, June 16a
Religiosam vitam, November 22b

Gregory, Bishop, Servant of the Servants of God, to Our beloved daughters in Christ: the Abbess of the Monastery of Holy Mary of the Virgins on the outskirts of Todi, and to her Sisters, both present and future, who have forever professed the regular life, health and apostolic benediction.

It is only right that apostolic protection be readily available for those choosing the religious life, lest perhaps the onslaught of audacity either recall them from their avowed purpose, or sap the strength—I hope not—of holy religion. For this reason, beloved daughters in the Lord, We indulgently accede to your just requests, and We take under Our and Saint Peter's protection the Monastery of Saint Mary of the Virgins on the outskirts of Todi, to which you have title together with all its goods, and We strengthen this decision with the ordinance of this present document. We do this especially since you have determined that it is known that the monastic Order, which according to God and to the Rule of Saint Benedict has been established there be inviolably esteemed there forever. It should also be allowed for you to receive for conversion persons who are free, those who are absolutely fleeing from the world, and to keep them without any contradiction.

Moreover, We make this prohibition: that it does not become right for any of your sisters, after they have made profession in your monastery, to leave this place, and let no one dare to receive the one departing. For the consecrations of your altars or of your church or for the holy oil to be made, or for any ecclesiastical sacrament, let no one dare to extort anything from you under the pretext of custom or in any other way however. The bishop of the diocese should provide all these things gratis for you. Otherwise by this Our Authority you are allowed to receive this favor from




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 348