Pope Gregory IX - 352 

Agnes. Although a tender young girl, she by no means permitted herself to be deceived by the allurements of the world's power, or to be seduced by temporal glory. But considering the favors of the world and the abundance of worldly things as nothing, she forced her flesh to be the servant of her spirit, so that rejecting all things transitory she might choose with a clean heart her heavenly Spouse in the Order of the Poor Cloistered Nuns, and become a handmaid instead of a queen by dedicating herself by solemn vow to serve Him who humbled the loftiness of divinity, took the form of a servant, and thus exalts the humble unto salvation.

Therefore, Our most dear son in Christ, the illustrious king of Bohemia and your brother, dutifully considered that you have been given strength from on high by the power of the Spirit, that you were inflamed by the ardor of love for Christ, and that his own intention was divinely inspired and that of putting aside feelings of brotherly and sisterly love. With pleasing kindness, he hurried to give to the Roman Church the land to build in Prague a monastery with a hospice in honor of blessed Francis, in which you and other sisters have been established. He and Our venerable brother, the Bishop of Prague and diocesan of the place, with the consent of his Chapter, donated each place of piety with a view of full freedom, as is fully contained in their letters sent to Me. With an affectionate embrace, therefore, We have the firm hope that, through the dedication of your mind, the Order planted there according to your desire should ever increase from good to better.

Therefore, We command you through these apostolic writings and by Our authority to make her Abbess of this monastery. Nonetheless, the faculty has been given to her to be able to dispense, according to the discernment given to her by the Lord, on certain days from the Rule's direction about fasting on bread and water, and about wearing shoes and the mantle.

Given at Spoleto on the Eleventh Kalends of September in the eighth year of our pontificate.a




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 352