Pope Gregory IX - 355 

through the grace of God chose the observance of a stricter way of life. Therefore, by the foresaid authority We more strictly forbid and restrain any one of you, whether Brother or Sister, except the infirm, the feeble, and girls who otherwise cannot observe the rigor of the regular life because of their tender age, from eating meat within the enclosures of your Monasteries, nor may you even serve it to someone else outside. We enjoin this on your whole Community in virtue of obedience by firmly admonishing you in advance that if you do not wish to incur danger to your souls, you should take care to observe this inviolably.

Given in Viterbo on the Fifth Ides of February in the eleventh year of Our pontificate.a

Cum saeculi vanitate, April 4b

Gregory, Servant of the servants of God, to the Abbess of the Monastery of Saint Francis of the Order of Saint Damian in Prague: Health and Apostolic Benediction.

Since you have left the vanity of the world, you have changed human frailty into perpetual stability. From being a Queen you have willingly become a handmaid of Almighty God, embarking on the way of perfection in the holy religion to which you have devoted yourself.

As you consider your every joy and consolation to be found in divine worship, especially when the most holy Body of Christ is offered on the altar, We are favorably disposed to grant the requests of your devotion by the authority of this document. Thus five times throughout the year you may hear the Solemnity of the Mass in the choir of your monastery and may look upon the priest celebrating it.

Given at Viterbo on the second None of April in the eleventh year of Our pontificate.c




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 355