The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 184 

took her to the church of Sant'Angelo di Panzo,a 12where she stayed for a little time, and then to the church of San Damiano where the Lord gave her more sisters for her direction. 13Asked how she knew all these things, she replied since she was her sister, she saw some things and heard some from Lady Clare and others. 14Asked how long ago this was, she replied: about fortytwo years ago.

Saint Clare's Manner of Life in the Monastery

6. 15The witness also said since Lady Clare was abbess in the monastery, she conducted herself in its direction in such a holy and prudent way. God manifested many miracles through her, 16that all the sisters and all who knew her revered her as a saint. 17Asked in what Lady Clare's holiness consisted, she replied: in her virginity, humility, patience, and kindness; 18in the necessary correction and sweet admonition of her sisters; in the continuous application to her prayer and contemplation, 19abstinence and fasting; in the roughness of her bed and clothing; in the disregard of herself, 20the fervor of her love of God, her desire for martyrdom, and, most especially, in her love of the Privilege of Poverty.b

7. 21Asked how she knew these things, she replied: 22because she saw these things done by her, was her actual sister, and had been with her in the monastery for twenty-four years or so. 23In addition, she acted and talked with her as with her own sister. 24She said her tongue could not tell of the Lady Clare's goodness since there was so much in her.

8. 25Asked also about the miracles the Lord God had done through her, she replied: after she had made the sign of the cross over them, God had cured some of the sisters through her. 26And many other miracles: since God, through her prayers, had




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 184