The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 185 

protected the monastery from the Saracens and the city of Assisi from the assault of the enemy, as it was openly believed. 27Asked how she knew this, she replied: because she saw when she made her prayer and when the Saracens departed without harming anyone or the monastery. 28And then, after her prayer, the army, at the city of Assisi, departed on the following day.

9. 29Asked about the cure of the sisters of their illnesses, she replied some had been cured by Lady Clare: Sister Benventua, Sister Cristiana, and other sisters. 30Asked how she knew this, she replied she first had seen them sick and remaining somewhat ill until the holy mother, after making the sign of the cross, cured them with her prayer. 31Then she saw them well.


1. 1Sister Cristiana, daughter of Sir Bernardo da Suppo of Assisi,a nun of the monastery of San Damiano, said under oath the same as Sister Beatrice about her manner of living. 2She added that the virgin of God, Clare, left the worldly house of her father in a wonderful way. 3Because she did not want to leave through the usual exit, fearing her way would be blocked, 4she went out by the house's other exit that had been barricaded with heavy wooden beams and an iron bar so it could not be opened even by a large number of men. 5She alone, with the help of Jesus Christ, removed them and opened the door. 6On the following morning, when many people saw that door opened, they were somewhat astonished at how a young girl could have done it. 7Asked how she knew these things, she replied that she, the witness, was in that house at that time because she lived in Assisi and, before this, had been with her and had knowledge of her. 8Asked how long ago this was, she replied it was forty-two years or a little more. 9Asked what age Saint Clare was at that time, she replied, according to what was said, she was eighteen years old.

2. 10She also said then, in the house of her father, she was considered by everyone to be upright and holy, 11and that thirty-four




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 185