The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 186 

years ago, in the month of May, she, the witness, entered the monastery. She was under the discipline and guidance of Lady Saint Clare 12whose holiness of life enlightened the entire monastery and infused it with all the virtues and customs required of holy ladies.

3. 13The witness said she could reply completely and truthfully concerning those virtues, if she were asked particulars about her virtues. 14Most especially, the Lady Clare was thoroughly inflamed with charity and loved her sisters as herself. 15If she at times heard something that was not pleasing to God, she would try to correct it with great compassion and without delay. 16Because she was like this and so holy and adorned with virtue, God wanted her to be the first mother and teacher of the Order. 17She protected the monastery, the Order, and herself from every infection of sin so her memory will be eternally held in reverence. 18The sisters believed the holy mother, who so prudently, kindly, and vigilantly protected them, the religion, and their promise of poverty on earth, was in heaven praying to God for them. 19Asked how she knew these things, she replied she had seen them and was present in the monastery for the space of time mentioned and, before that, had lived with her and had known her, as said previously.

4. 20Concerning the roughness of her clothing and her abstinence and prayer, she said she had never heard of anyone in the world like her or of anyone who surpassed her in those things. 21She said this: she knew them because she saw them.

5. 22She said everything Sister Benvenuta said about her being cured of the fistulas because she was present.

6. 23She also said what Sister Amata said about her being cured of the dropsy because she was present.

7. 24She said the same as Sister Cristiana about her cure.

8. 25She said the same as Sister Filippa about the cure of Andrea da Ferrara.

9. 26About the prayer made for the defense and liberation of the monastery from the Saracens, 27and that made for the liberation of the city of Assisi being besieged by the enemy: she said the same as Sister Filippa. 28She added she, the same witness, was the one who, because of the holy mother Clare's command, called the sisters to stay at prayer.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 186