The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 188 

not describe nor comprehend them. 16There was, however, much more holiness in her than she could ever tell. 17And so too the love of poverty that was especially in her. 18Asked how she knew these things, she replied: 19because she was with her all this time and saw the holiness of her life, as it has been described.

5. 20None of the sisters doubted that God had performed many miracles through her, even during her life, as said before. 21Asked how she knew this, she replied: because she saw when Sister Benvenuta was suddenly cured of her infections through the sign of the cross made over her by the hand of Lady Clare. 22She heard that other sisters and outsiders had been cured in the same way.

6. 23The witness also saw when the door of the piazza—that is, of the monastery—fell upon Lady Clare. 24The sisters believed that door had killed her and, thereupon, raised a great moan. 25But the Lady remained unharmed 26and said that she had not felt in any way the weight of that door which was so heavy three brothers could barely return it to its place. 27Asked how she knew this, she replied: because she saw it and was present. 28Asked how long ago this was, she replied: almost seven years ago. 29Asked about the day, she said during the octave of Saint Peter, a Sunday evening. 30At that time, at the cry of the witness, the sisters immediately came and found the door still lying upon her since she, the witness, could not lift it by herself.

7. 31The witness also said the death of Lady Clare was wonderful and glorious, 32but one evening a few days before her death, she began to speak to the Trinity and to say very softly other words to God many educated people would hardly understand. 33Asked what other words she said, she replied as Sister Filippa had previously.

8. 34The witness also said once, when holy mother Lady Clare heard the Vidi Aquam being sung after Easter, she was so overjoyed 35and kept it in her mind.a After eating and after Compline she had the blessed water given to her and her sisters and would say to the sisters: 36"My sisters and daughters, you must always remember and recall this blessed water that came from the right side of our Lord Jesus Christ as He hung upon the cross."




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 188