The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 189 

9. 37She also said when the most holy mother used to send the serving sisters outside the monastery, she reminded them to praise God when they saw beautiful trees, flowers, and bushes; 38and, likewise, always to praise Him for and in all things when they saw all peoples and creatures.


1. 1On the twenty-eighth of November, in the infirmary of the monastery, before Brother Mark, Sister Filippa, and theother sisters, 2Sister Balvina of Porzano, nun of the monastery of San Damiano, told under oath, somewhat fully, of Lady Clare's holiness of life and great goodness.a

2. 3She also said she, the witness herself, saw that door upon mother Saint Clare, that it had fallen upon her, that it had not yet been lifted. 4Shesaid that door had not done her any harm, but it was like a mantle over her. 5The witness also said that door was very heavy, 6and that she, with other sisters, ran at the cry of Sister Angeluccia, since they feared that door might have killed her. 7Asked about the time, she said about seven years ago.

* * *

1. 8Also on the same day, the twenty-eighth of November, in the house of the cloister of San Damiano, in the presence of Lord Leonardo, archdeacon of Spoleto, Don Jacobo, parish priest of Trevi 9who accompanied Lord Bartholomeo, Bishop of Spoleto, and Brother Marco of the Order of Lesser Brothers, chaplain of the monastery, 10the entire convent of the enclosed nuns of the monastery of San Damiano assembled. 11After certain nuns had told the truth under oath and given testimony to the life, conversion, and manner of life of Lady Saint Clare of holy memory, 12to the miracles they said had been done through her merits, 13Lady




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 189