The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 190 

Sister Benedetta,a then abbess, together with the other nuns of the monastery of San Damiano said with one accord, in the presence of the venerable Father, the Lord Bishop of Spoleto, 14that all that was found in the holiness of any other holy woman, except the Virgin Mary, could be truly said of and witnessed in Lady Clare of holy memory, their former abbess and most holy mother. 15And this could also be found and understood in her, in her life.

16Then all were prepared to take an oath, to speak, and to witness to this effect. 17She declared that they had seen her marvelous conversion, 18and during the times they had spent with her in that monastery had seen the holiness of her life and angelic manner of living, 19which they were totally unable to explain in human words.


1. 1On the same day, in the church of San Paolo in Assisi,b before the venerable Father, the Lord Bishop of Spoleto, as well as in the presence of Andreolo de Bartolo, Vianello del Benvenuto Lucchese, and some others, 2Lord Ugolino di Pietro Girardone, knight of Assisi, under oath, spoke of the life, conversion, manner of living, and miracles of Lady Clare of holy memory.c 3He said Saint Clare was of a very noble family of Assisi 4since Lord Offreduccio de Bernardino was her grandfather and Lord Favarone, the father of Saint Clare, was his son.

2. 5This Saint Clare was a virgin, of a very upright manner of life in her father's house, and was kind and gracious to everyone.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 190