The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 191 

6As Saint Francis was the first in the Order of Lesser Brothers which, with the help of God, he founded and governed, 7so this holy virgin Clare, as God willed, was the first in the Order of the Enclosed Ladies. 8And she governed that Order in all knowledge and goodness, as was seen and testified through public knowledge.

3. 9He also said, as is public [knowledge], the virgin, Saint Clare, entered Religion at the preaching of Saint Francis and his admonition.

4. 10He also said he, the witness, had left his wife, Lady Guiduzia, sent her back to the house of her father and mother, had been without her for a period of more than twenty-two years, 11and had never been able to be persuaded by anyone to want to send for her and receive her back, even though he had been admonished many times even by religious persons. 12Finally he was told, on the part of Lady Saint Clare, that she had learned in a vision that he, Lord Ugolino, had to receive her back immediately and, by her, produce a son from whom he would have great joy and consolation. 13When the witness heard this, he was somewhat distressed. 14But after a few days, he was impelled by great desire, so he sent for and received the woman, who for such a long time before had left him. 15Then, as it had been seen in a vision of Lady Saint Clare, he begot by her a son still living and from whom he is very much overjoyed and has great consolation.

5. 16Asked if he saw Lady Clare in the house of her father and mother, as said before, 17he replied: yes, he had seen her conversing in a holy and becoming way, as he had said.

6. 18Asked how he knew the virgin of God, Clare, had entered Religion through the preaching of Saint Francis, he replied this was public knowledge and known by everyone. 19He had heard Saint Francis gave her the tonsure in the church of Saint Mary of the Portiuncula. 20After she had entered the monastery of San Damiano, he had heard and noticed—it was obvious—that she was of such holiness and goodness in her Order she might be like any other saint in heaven.

21In the same hour and place, in the presence of the witnesses, Lord Angelo de Pelcio and Bonamanzia Barbieri, and before the Lord Bishop of Spoleto, 22Lady Bona de Guelfuccio, 23Ranieri de




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 191