The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 192 

Bernardo, 24and Pietro de Damiano spoke under oath about the life, conversion, manner of living, and miracles of Saint Clare.


1. 1Lady Bona, daughter of Guelfuccio of Assisi,a said under oath 2that she knew Saint Clare from the time she was in her father's house and had conversed and stayed with her in the house. 3She firmly believed, because of the great holiness of her life that she had before and after she entered religion, that she had been sanctified in her mother's womb. 4Moreover, she used to send to the poor the food she was supposed to have eaten 5and she, the witness, testified that many times she had brought it to them.b

2. 6Lady Clare was always considered by everyone a most pure virgin and had such fervor of spirit she could serve God and please Him.

3. 7Because of this, the witness many times accompanied her to speak to Saint Francis. She went secretly as not to be seen by her parents. 8Asked what Saint Francis said to her, she replied he always preached to her about converting to Jesus Christ. Brother Philip did the same. 9She listened willingly to him and consented to all the good things said to her. 10Asked how long ago these things had been spoken, she responded more than forty-two years, 11because it was forty-two years since she had entered religion.

4. 12She said at the time she entered Religion, she was a prudent young girl of eighteen years. 13She had always stayed in the house, hidden, not wanting to be seen by those who passed in front of her house. 14She was also very kind and took care of all other good deeds. 15Asked how she knew the things spoken of, she replied: because she used to converse with her.

5. 16Asked how Lady Clare was converted, she replied Saint Francis had cut off her hair in the church of Saint Mary of the




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 192