The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 193 

Portiuncula, as she had heard, 17because she, the witness, was not present since she had already gone to Rome to observe Lent.

6. 18She also said Lady Clare, before her hair had been cut, had sent her to visit the church of Saint James 19because Lady Clare was full of grace and wanted others to be full.a

7. 20Lady Clare, while she was still in the world, also gave the witness a certain amount of money as a votive offering 21and directed her to carry it to those who were working on Saint Mary of the Portiuncula so that they would sustain the flesh.

8. 22She said the holiness of Saint Clare was so great that she had infinite things in her heart [which] she did not know how to describe 23because speaking of holy mother Clare was always a total lesson for others.


1. 1Lord Ranieri di Bernardo of Assisi said under oath 2that he did not doubt the holiness of Saint Clare of holy memory; nor that she is a saint in heaven.b 3If it were doubted by anyone, then it should not be believed about anyone else. 4Moreover, it seemed to him more likely that our faith should be valueless [than to doubt her sanctity]. 5Because the witness knew Lady Clare when she was a young girl in her father's house, 6[he said] she was a virgin, and, from the very beginning of her life, had begun to pay attention to deeds of holiness as if she had been made holy in her mother's womb.

2. 7Because she had a beautiful face, a husband was considered for her. 8Many of her relatives begged her to accept them as a husband, 9but she never wanted to consent. 10Since the witness himself had many times asked her to be willing to consent to this, she did not even want to hear him; 11moreover, she preached to him of despising the world. 12Asked how he knew the things mentioned, he replied: because his wife was a relative of Lady Clare




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 193