The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 194 

13and since the witness conversed confidentially with her in her house and saw her good deeds.

3. 14Asked what good deeds she did, he replied she fasted, prayed, and willingly gave as many alms as she could. 15When she was sitting with those in the house, she always spoke of the things of God. 16As quickly as possible, she had her hair cut by Saint Francis. 17When her relatives wanted to take her from San Paolo and bring her back to Assisi, they could in no way persuade her, because she did not want to go. She showed them her tonsured head. 18Thus they let her stay.

4. 19Lady Clare was of the most noble [families] of the city of Assisi, on both her father's and mother's side. 20Asked how he knew these things, he replied it was public knowledge throughout the area.

5. 21The witness also said, when Lady Clare went to stay in San Damiano, since she was holy, she thus taught her daughters to serve God in holiness as is seen today in her daughters.

6. 22It was firmly believed by all the citizens the monastery was protected and the city liberated from the enemy through the prayers and merits of Lady Clare.

7. 23Asked how long ago it was that Saint Clare entered Religion, he replied that it was more than forty years ago.


1. 1Pietro di Damiano of the city of Assisi said under oath he, the witness, 2that he lived near—he and his father—Saint Clare's house and that of her father and other members of her family. 3He knew Lady Clare when she was in the world and knew her father, Lord Favarone, who was noble, great, and powerful in the city—he and the others of his household. 4Lady Clare was noble, of a noble family, and of an upright manner of life. 5There were seven knights of her household, all of whom were noble and powerful. 6Asked how he knew these things, he replied that he had seen her because he was her neighbor.

2. 7At the time Lady Clare, a very young girl at that time, lived in a spiritual way, as was believed. 8He saw her father, mother, and relatives who wanted her to marry magnificently, according




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 194