The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 195 

to her nobility, to someone great and powerful. 9But the young girl, at that time about seventeen or so, could not be in any way convinced 10because she wanted to remain in her virginity and live in poverty, as she demonstrated since she sold all her inheritance and gave it to the poor. 11She was considered by all to have a good manner of life. 12Asked how he knew this, he replied: because he was her neighbor and knew that no one could ever convince her to bend her spirit to worldly things.


1. 1On the twenty-ninth day of November, in the church of San Paolo, in the presence of Leonardo, Archdeacon of Spoleto, and Don Jacobo, parish priest of Trevi, and that of the Lord Bishop of Spoleto, 2Ioanni di Ventura of Assisi spoke under oath about these matters 3and said he, the witness, used to converse in Saint Clare's house while she was still a young girl and a virgin in her father's house, because he was a house watchman.a

2. 4Lady Clare could then have been eighteen or so and of the most noble stock of all Assisi, on both her father's and mother's side. 5Her father was called Favarone and her grandfather Offreduccio di Bernardino. 6The young girl at that time was of such an upright life and dress, as if in the monastery for a long time.

3. 7Asked what sort of life she led, he replied: 8although their household was one of the largest in the city and great sums were spent there, she nevertheless saved the food they were given to eat, put it aside, and then sent it to the poor. 9Asked how he knew the things spoken of, he replied, since he stayed in the house, he saw them and firmly believed them because they had been told to him in this way.

4. 10While she was still in her father's house, she wore a rough garment under her other clothes.

5. 11He also said she fasted, prayed, and did other pious deeds, as he had seen; 12and that it was believed she had been inspired by the Holy Spirit from the beginning.




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 195