The Acts of the Process of Canonization - 196 

6. 13He also said Lady Clare, hearing Saint Francis had chosen the way of poverty, proposed in her heart to do the same thing. 14So she was tonsured by Saint Francis in the church of St. Mary of the Portiuncula or in the church of San Paolo. 15When her relatives wished to drag her away from the church of San Paolo and bring her back to Assisi, she showed them her tonsured head. 16Asked how he knew this, he replied he had heard it said and it was public knowledge.

7. 17Then she went to the place of San Damiano where she became mother and teacher of the Order of Saint Damian, and she begot there many sons and daughters in the Lord Jesus Christ, as is seen today.

8. 18He also said no one, in any way, should doubt her holiness, because the Lord performs many miracles through her as is obvious.

9. 19He also said that year, after the death of Lady Saint Clare, he saw someone from beyond the Alps, who was mad or possessed, bound with ropes, brought to the tomb of Lady Saint Clare, and cured there. 20Asked how he knew this, he replied he saw the man sick with the illness 21and saw him there, at the tomb of the said Lady Clare, immediately cured. 22Asked the name of that sick man, he replied he did not know because he wasn't from these parts. 23Asked at the invocation of which saint he was cured, he replied at the tomb of Lady Saint Clare. 24This was public and well known. 25Asked about the month and day this occurred, he replied he believed it was September just passed. 26He said he couldn't remember the day. 27Asked who was present, he replied all on the piazza saw him 28and ran together with him to the tomb of Lady Saint Clare.






Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 196