The Form and Manner of Life of Cardinal Hugolino - 77 

permission or faculty to leave [this enclosure], unless perhaps some are transferred to another place to plant or build up this same religion. Moreover, it is fitting that, when they die, both ladies as well as servants who are professed, should be buried within the enclosure.a

The hard and austere realities, through which according to the religion one is led to God and which must necessarily be observed, must be explained to all who wish to enter this religion and are received, before they actually enter and change their garb, lest ignorance be their excuse later on. One should not be received who proves to be less than sufficiently fit for the observance of this life because of age, a sickness, or a mental deficiency. Therefore, any occasion for receiving such a person should be cautiously and diligently avoided, even if at some time for a reasonable cause a dispensation has to be given to someone.

All those received into the enclosure, if they are old enough to understand, should, according to custom, quickly put aside their secular clothes and they should make their profession within a few days to the Abbess.b This should also be observed as far as the servants are concerned.c

5Concerning the offering of the Divine Office to the Lord both day and night, let it be observed that those who know how to read the Psalms should celebrate the regular Office.d If they also know how to sing, it is permissible for them to celebrate the Office and




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 77