The Form and Manner of Life of Cardinal Hugolino - 78 

praise the Lord of all by singing at the prescribed Hours.a This they should do with the greatest gravity and modesty, with humility and great devotion, so that those listening to them may be edified for salvation. Those who do not know the Psalms should strive, according to custom, to recite the Lord’s Prayer devoutly to their Creator during these hours.b

If there are some young or even older ones who are humble and capable of learning, the Abbess, if she sees fit, may appoint a capable and discerning mistress for them to teach them to read.

6Let a continuous silence be kept by all at all times, so that it is not allowed either for one to talk to another or for another to talk to her without permission, except for those on whom some teaching office or duty has been enjoined, which cannot be fittingly discharged in silence.c Permission may be given to these to speak about those things which pertain to their office or duty, where, when, and how the Abbess sees fit.

When some religious or secular person of whatever dignity seeks to speak to one of the ladies, let the Abbess be notified first.d If she gives permission, let the lady have at least two others appointed by the Abbess to accompany her to the parlor, who will listen to all that is said to her and what she says to others.

Let this be observed firmly by all, the sick as well as the healthy, so that they speak together neither among themselves nor with others unless there are at least three persons present. The exceptions to this are those who, as stated above, are assigned to various offices and duties, and those who need




Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 78