The Form of Life of Saint Clare - 115 

console the afflicted. 12Let her also be the last refuge for those who are troubled, lest the sickness of despair overcome the weak should they fail to find in her health-giving remedies.

13Let her preserve the common life in everything, especially in whatever pertains to the church, the dormitory, refectory, infirmary, and clothing.a 14Her vicaress is bound to preserve it in the same way.b

15The abbess is bound to call her sisters together at least once a week in the chapter, 16where both she and her sisters should humbly confess their common and public offenses and negligences.c 17There let her consult with all her sisters concerning whatever concerns the welfare and good of the monastery, 18for the Lord frequently reveals what is better to the youngest.d

19No heavy debt may be incurred except with the common consent of the sisters and by reason of manifest necessity, and let this be done through the procurator.e 20Let the abbess and her sisters, however, be careful that nothing be deposited in the monastery;f 21for such practices often give rise to troubles and scandals.




Regula [Clarae], Fontes Franciscani, p. 2297

12Consoletur afflictas. Sit etiam ultimum refugium tribulatis, ne, si apud eam remedia defuerint sanitatum, desperationis morbus praevaleat in infirmis.

13Communitatem servet in omnibus, praecipue autem in ecclesia, dormitorio, refectorio, infirmaria et vestimentis: 14quod etiam simili modo servare eius vicaria teneatur.

15Semel in hebdomada ad minus abbatissa sorores suas teneatur ad capitulum convocare; 16ubi tam ipsa quam sorores de communibus et publicis offensis et negligentiis humiliter debeant confiteri. 17Et quae tractanda sunt pro utilitate et honestate monasterii, ibidem conferat cum omnibus sororibus suis; 18saepe enim Dominus quod melius est minori revelat.

19Nullum debitum grave fiat, nisi de communi consensu sororum et manifesta necessitate; et hoc per procuratorem. 20Caveat autem abbatissa cum sororibus suis, ne aliquod depositum recipiant in monasterio, 21saepe enim de huiusmodi turbationes et scandala oriuntur.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 115