The Form of Life of Saint Clare - 116 

22In order to preserve the unity of mutual love and peace, let all who hold offices in the monastery be chosen by the common agreement of all the sisters. 23In the same way, let at least eight sisters be elected from the more discerning whose counsel the abbess should be always bound to use in those matters which our form of life demands. 24Moreover, if it seems useful and expedient, the sisters can and should at times remove the officials and discreets and elect others in their place.a

[Chapter Five: Silence, the Parlor, and the Grille]

1Let the sisters keep silence from the hour of Compline until Terce, except those who are serving outside the monastery.b 2Let them also continually keep silence in the church, the dormitory, and the refectory only while they are eating.c 3At all times, however, they may be permitted to speak with discernment in the infirmary for the recreation and service of the sick.d 4Nevertheless, they may always and everywhere communicate whatever is necessary, briefly and in a quiet voice.e

5The sisters may not be permitted to speak in the parlor or at the grille without the permission of the abbess or her vicaress. 6Let those who have permission not dare to speak in the parlor except in the presence and hearing of two sisters. 7Moreover, let them not presume to go to the grille, unless there are present at least three sisters appointed by the abbess or her vicaress from the eight discreets who were elected by all the sisters for the




Regula [Clarae], Fontes Franciscani, p. 2297-2298

22Ad conservandam unitatem mutuae dilectionis et pacis, de communi consensu omnium sororum omnes officiales monasterii eligantur. 23Et eodem modo octo ad minus sorores de discretioribus eligantur, quarum, in hiis quae forma vitae nostrae requirit, abbatissa uti consilio semper teneatur. 24Possint etiam sorores et debeant, si eis utile et expediens videatur, officiales et discretas aliquando removere et alias loco ipsarum eligere.

[Caput V De silentio ac de locutorio et crate].

1Ab hora completorii usque ad tertiam sorores silentium teneant, exceptis servientibus extra monasterium. 2Sileant etiam continue in ecclesia, dormitorio, in refectorio tantum dum comedunt; 3praeterquam in infirmaria, in qua pro recreatione et servitio infirmarum loqui discrete semper sororibus liceat. 4Possint tamen semper et ubique breviter submissa voce quod necesse fuerit insinuare.

5Non liceat sororibus loqui ad locutorium, vel ad cratem, sine licentia abbatissae vel eius vicariae. 6Et licentiatae ad locutorium loqui non audeant, nisi praesentibus et audientibus duabus sororibus. 7Ad cratem vero accedere non praesumant, nisi praesentibus tribus ad minus per abbatissam vel eius vicariam assignatis de illis octo discretis, quae sunt electae ab omnibus sororibus pro consilio abbatissae.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 116