The Form of Life of Saint Clare - 120 

kingdom of heaven; it has made you poor in things but exalted you in virtue. 5Let this be your portion which leads into the land of the living. 6Clinging totally to this, my most beloved sisters, do not wish to have anything else in perpetuity under heaven for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and His most holy mother.a

7Let no sister be permitted to send letters or to receive or give away anything outside the monastery without the permission of the abbess.b 8Let it not be permitted to have anything that the abbess has not given or allowed. 9Should anything be sent to a sister by her relatives or others, let the abbess give it to her. 10If she needs it, she may use it; otherwise, let her in all charity give it to a sister who does need it.c 11If, however, money is sent to her, let the abbess, with the advice of the discreets, provide for the needs of the sister.d

12Concerning the sick sisters, let the abbess be strictly bound to inquire with diligence, by herself and through other sisters, what their illness requires both by way of counsel as well as food and other necessities, 13and let her provide for them charitably and kindly according to the resources of the place. 14Because all are bound to serve and to provide for their sisters who are ill as they would wish to be served, let them be bound as if they were bound by some illness. 15Let each confidently make her needs known to another. 16For if a mother loves and cares for her child according




Regula [Clarae], Fontes Franciscani, p. 2301-2302

4Haec est illa celsitudo altissimae paupertatis, quae vos, carissimas sorores meas, heredes et reginas regni caelorum instituit, pauperes rebus fecit, virtutibus sublimavit. 5Haec sit portio vestra quae perducit in terram viventium; 6cui, dilectissimae sorores, totaliter inhaerentes nihil aliud pro nomine Domini nostri Iesu Christi et eius sanctissimae matris in perpetuum sub caelo habere velitis.

7Non liceat alicui sorori litteras mittere, vel aliquid recipere, aut extra monasterium dare, sine licentia abbatissae. 8Nec quicquam liceat habere quod abbatissa non dederit aut permiserit. 9Quod si a parentibus suis, vel ab aliis ei aliquid mitteretur, abbatissa faciat illi dari. 10Ipsa autem si indiget uti possit, sin autem sorori indigenti caritative communicet. 11Si vero ei aliqua pecunia transmissa fuerit, abbatissa de consilio discretarum in hiis quae indiget illi faciat provideri..

12De infirmis sororibus, tam in consiliis quam in cibariis et aliis necessariis quae earum requirit infirmitas, teneatur firmiter abbatissa sollicite per se et alias sorores inquirere, 13et iuxta possibilitatem loci caritative et misericorditer providere. 14Quia omnes tenentur providere et servire sororibus suis infirmis, sicut vellent sibi serviri si ab infirmitate aliqua tenerentur. 15Secure manifestet una alteri necessitatem suam. 16Et si mater diligit et nutrit filiam suam carnalem, quanto diligentius debet soror diligere et nutrire sororem suam spiritualem!

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 120