The Form of Life of Saint Clare - 125 

concerning what pertains to the duty of the visitation as he sees best.
5We ask as a favor of the same Order a chaplain and a clerical companion of good reputation, of prudent discernment, and two lay brothers, lovers of a holy and upright way of life, 6in support of our poverty, as we have always mercifully had from that Order of Lesser Brothers, 7in the light of the piety of God and our blessed Francis.a

8Let the chaplain not be permitted to enter the monastery without a companion. 9When they enter, let them remain in an open area, in such a way that they can always see one another and be seen by others. 10They may enter for the confession of the sick who cannot go to the parlor, for their Communion, for the Last Anointing and the Prayers of the Dying.

11Moreover, for funeral services, and on the solemnity of Masses for the Dead, for digging or opening a grave, or even for making arrangements, suitable and sufficient outsiders may enter, according to the prudence of the abbess.

12Let the sisters be strictly bound always to have as our Governor, Protector, and Corrector that Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church who has been delegated by the Lord Pope for the Lesser Brothers,b 13so that, always submissive and subject at the feet of that same holy Church and steadfast in the Catholic faith, we may observe in perpetuity the poverty and humility of our Lord Jesus Christ and of His most holy Mother and the Holy Gospel we have firmly promised. Amen.

Given at Perugia, the sixteenth kalends of October, in the tenth year of the Pontificate of Lord Pope Innocent IV.c Therefore, no one is permitted to destroy this document of our confirmation or oppose it recklessly. If anyone shall presume to




Regula [Clarae], Fontes Franciscani, p. 2306-2307

5Capellanum etiam cum uno socio clerico bonae famae, discretionis providae, et duos fratres laicos sanctae conversationis et honestatis amatores, 6in subsidium paupertatis nostrae, sicut misericorditer a praedicto ordine fratrum minorum semper habuimus, 7intuitu pietatis Dei et beati Francisci, ab eodem ordine de gratia postulamus.

8Non liceat capellano sine socio monasterium ingredi. 9Et intrantes in loco sint publico, ut se possint alterutrum semper et ab aliis intueri. 10Pro confessione infirmarum quae ad locutorium ire non possent, pro communicandis eisdem, pro extrema unctione, pro animae commendatione, liceat eisdem intrare.

11Pro exequiis vero et missarum sollemniis defunctorum, et ad fodiendam vel aperiendam sepulturam, seu etiam coaptandam, possint sufficientes et idonei de abbatissae providentia introire.

12Ad haec sorores firmiter teneantur semper habere illum de sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae cardinalibus pro nostro gubernatore, protectore et correctore, qui fuerit a domino papa fratribus minoribus deputatus: 13ut semper subditae et subiectae pedibus eiusdem sanctae Ecclesiae, stabiles in fide catholica, paupertatem et humilitatem Domini nostri Iesu Christi et eius sanctissimae matris et sanctum Evangelium, quod firmiter promisimus, in perpetuum observemus. Amen.

Datum Perusii, sexto decimo kalendas Octobris, pontificatus vero domini Innocentii papae, IV anno decimo. 15Nulli ergo omnino hominum liceat hane paginam nostrae confirmationis infringere vel ei ausu temerario contraire.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 125