The Papal Decree of Canonization - 263 

The Papal Decree of Canonization

1Alexander, Bishop, servant of the servants of God, to all our venerable brothers, the archbishops and bishops established throughout the kingdom of France: health and apostolic blessing.

brilliant by her bright merits,
by the brightness of her great glory in heaven,
and by the brilliance of her sublime miracles on earth,
shines brilliantly.
her strict and lofty way of religious life glows here on earth,
while the magnitude of her eternal rewards
radiates from above
and her virtue begins to dawn upon all mortal beings
with magnificent signs.
here [below] she was endowed with the privilege
of the most exalted poverty;
5on high she is repaid by an inestimable source of treasure;
she is shown full devotion and immense honor by all.
her brilliant deeds distinguished her here [on earth].
while on high the fullness of the divine light
shines on her.
her amazing works of wonder make her known
to the Christian people.

2 10O Clare, endowed with so many brilliant titles!
Bright even before your conversion,
brighter in your manner of living,
brighter still in your enclosed life,
and brilliant in splendor after the course of your mortal life!




Bulla Canonizationis Sanctae Clarae Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2331

Bulla Canonizationis Sanctae Clarae Assisiensis

1[Alexander episcopus, servus servorum Dei], Venerabilibus fratribus universis Archiepiscopis et Episcopis per regnum Franciae constitutis, [salutem et apostolicam benedictionem].

2Clara claris praeclara meritis,
magnae in caelo claritate gloriae,
ac in terra splendore miraculorum sublimium
clare claret.
huius arcta et alta Religio hic coruscat,
huius sursum aeterni praemii
radiat magnitudo,
huius virtus signis magnificis
mortalibus illucescit.
4Huic Clarae
intitulatum hic fuit
summae Privilegium paupertatis;
huic in excelso rependitur inaestimabilis copia thesaurorum;
huic a catholicis plena devotio et honoris cumulus exhibetur.
5Hanc Claram
sua fulgida hic insignierunt opera,
hanc Claram
in alto divinae lucis
clarificat plenitudo,
hanc christianis populis
prodigiorum eius stupenda declarant.

6O Clara multimode titulis praedita claritatis!
Ante conversionem tuam utique clara,
in conversione clarior,
in claustrali conversatione praeclara,
et post decursum vitae praesentis spatium clarissima illuxisti!

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 263

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