The Papal Decree of Canonization - 264 

11In this Clare,
a clear mirror of example has been given to this world;
12by her, the sweet lily of virginity is offered among the
heavenly delights;
13by her, obvious remedies are felt here on earth.

3. 14O the inestimable brilliance of blessed Clare!
The more eagerly she is sought for something,
the more brilliant she is found in everything!
15This woman, I say, was resplendent in the world,
shone brilliantly in her religious life;
enlightened as a radiant beam in her home,
dazzled as lightning in the enclosure.
16She shone forth in life; she is radiant after death.
Enlightening on earth, she dazzles in heaven!

4. 17O how great is the vibrancy of this light
and how intense is the brilliance of its illumination!
18While this light remained certainly in a hidden enclosure,
it emitted sparkling rays outside.
19Placed in the confined area of the monastery,
yet she was spread throughout the wide world.
20Hidden within,
she extended herself abroad.
21Yes, Clare hid, yet her life has come to light.
22Clare was silent, yet her fame was proclaimed.
23She was hidden in a cell, but was known in cities.

5. 24It should not be surprising that a light so enkindled,
so illuminating could not be kept hidden
without shining brilliantly
and giving bright light in the house of the Lord;
25nor could a vessel filled with perfume be concealed
so it would not give fragrance
and suffuse the Lord's house with a sweet fragrance.
since with her harshness
she broke the alabaster jar Mt 26:7 Jn 12:3 of her body
in the severity of her cloistered solitude,




Bulla Canonizationis Sanctae Clarae Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2331-2332

7Ab hac Clara
clarum exempli speculum huic saeculo prodiit;
ab hac inter amoenitates caelestes
suave lilium virginitatis offertur;
ab hac in terris manifesta subventionum remedia sentiuntur.
8O admiranda Clarae beatae claritas,
quae tanto studiosius per singula quaeritur,
tanto splendidior in singulis invenitur!
9Emicuit haec, inquam, in saeculo,
in Religione praefulsit;
in domo illuxit ut radius,
in claustro coruscavit ut fulgor.
10Emicuit in vita, post mortem irradiat;
claruit in terra, in caelo relucet!

11O quanta huius vehementia luminis
et quam vehemens istius illuminatio claritatis!
12Manebat quidem haec lux secretis inclusa claustralibus,
et foras micantes radios emittebat;
colligebatur in arcto coenobio,
et in amplo saeculo spargebatur;
13servabatur intra,
et extra manebat.
14Latebat namque Clara, sed eius vita patebat;
silebat Clara, sed sua fama clamabat;
celabatur in cella, et in urbibus noscebatur.

15Nec mirum; quia lucerna tam accensa,
tam lucens, abscondi non poterat
quin splenderet
et clarum in domo Domini daret lumen;
nec recondi poterat vas tot aromatum
quin fragraret
et suavi odore dominicam respergeret mansionem.
cum in angusto solitudinis reclusorio
alabastrum sui corporis
haec dure contereret,

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 264

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