The Papal Decree of Canonization - 265 

the whole aura of the Church was thoroughly imbued
with the fragrance of her sanctity.

27While still a young girl in the world, she was striving to pass rapidly along a clean path, past the fragile and unclean world. 28Keeping the precious treasure of her virginity with an undiminished modesty, she carefully dedicated herself to works of kindness and brilliance, 29so that her reputation spread freely to those near and far. After hearing this praise, 30blessed Francis immediately began to encourage her and to lead her to the perfect service of Christ.

31Quickly adhering to the sacred admonitions of this man and desiring to reject entirely the world with everything earthly and to serve the Lord alone in voluntary poverty, she fulfilled this as quickly as she could. 32At last she finally changed all her goods into alms and distributed them as resources for the poor, so that, one with him, whatever she had Mt 6:21 Mk 10:21 she too would consider for the service of Christ.

33Then, fleeing from the clamor of the world, she went down to the church in the field and, after receiving the sacred tonsure from blessed Francis himself, she proceeded to another. 34When her relations endeavored to bring her back, she immediately took hold of the altar and its cloths, uncovered her shorn head and resisted her relatives strongly and firmly in this way. 35She could not permit herself to be separated from God's service because she was already joined to Him with her whole mind.

36Finally, she was led by the same blessed Francis to the church of Saint Damian outside of Assisi, from which she took her origin. 37There, for the love and assiduous worship of His name, the Lord caused many companions to flock to her. 38The distinguished and sacred Order of Saint Damian, now widely diffused throughout the world, came and had its salutary beginning from this woman.

39This woman, encouraged by blessed Francis himself,
gave the beginning of following a new and holy observance.
40This woman was the first and solid foundation
of this great religion.
41This woman stood as the cornerstone of this lofty work.




Bulla Canonizationis Sanctae Clarae Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2332-2333

tota omnino Ecclesiae aula
sanctitatis eius odoribus replebatur.

17Sane cum ipsa, dum adhuc puella esset in saeculo, hunc mundum fragilem et immundum mundo calle ab aetate tenera transilire studeret, et pretiosum suae virginitatis thesaurum illibato semper pudore custodiens, claritatis et pietatis operibus vigilanter intenderet, 18ita quod ex ea grata et laudabilis ad vicinos et alios fama prodiret, Franciscus, audito huius famae praeconio, coepit confestim hortari eam, et ad Christi perfectam inducere servitutem. 19Quae sacris illius monitis mox adhaerens, et mundum cum terrenis omnibus penitus abdicare, ac soli Domino in paupertate voluntaria famulari desiderans, hoc suum fervens desiderium, quam cito potuit, adimplevit: 20quia tandem cuneta sua bona, ut una secum quidquid etiam habebat Christi obsequio deputaret, in eleemosynas et pauperum subsidia distribuit et convertit.

21Cumque de saeculi strepitu fugiens, ad quamdam campestrem declinasset ecclesiam, et ab ipso b. Francisco, sacra ibi recepta tonsura, processisset ad aliam, consanguineis eius ipsam exinde reducere molientibus, illa protinus amplectens altare, pannosque apprehendens ipsius, crinium sui capitis incisura detecta, eisdem consanguineis in hoc fortiter restitit et constanter; 22quia cum iam esset mente integra iuncta Deo, pati non poterat ab eius servitio se divelli.

23Denique cum ad ecclesiam S. Damiani extra civitatem Assisinatem, unde traxit originem, per eundem b. Franciscum adducta fuisset, ibi ei Dominus ad amorem et cultum assiduum sui nominis plures socias aggregavit. 24Ab hac siquidem insignis et sacer Ordo S.. Damiani, per orbem iam longe diffusus, salutare sumpsit exordium.

25Haec, adhortante ipso b. Francisco,
huic novae sanctaeque observantiae sequendum dedit initium;
26haec huius magnae Religionis fuit
primarium et stabile fundamentum;
haec huius alti operis lapis extitit primitivus.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 265

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