The Papal Decree of Canonization - 268 

she wore a rough shirt made out of horsehair. 68Strict as well in food and disciplined in drink, she restrained herself so much by abstinence from these things that for a long time she did not taste any food three days a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 69On the other days, when she limited herself to a meager bit of food, others marveled that she was able to survive on so rigorous a diet.

16. 70Moreover, she spent day and night especially giving herself assiduously to vigils and prayers. 71When she was finally laid up with long-term illness so she could not raise herself by physical exertion, she was lifted up with the help of the sisters. 72With supports for her back, she worked with her own hands, 1 Cor 4:12 not to be idle even in her sickness. 73Then, out of the linen made by her skill and labor, she had many corporals made for the sacrifice of the altar and had them distributed throughout the plains and mountains of Assisi.

17. 74She was, above all, a lover and firm supporter of poverty. She so rooted it in her spirit, so fixed it in her desires, 75that, firmer in love of it and more ardent in its embrace, she never departed from her stronger and delightful union with it for any necessity. 76She could not be induced by any persuasion to consent to have any possessions in her monastery, 77even though Pope Gregory of happy memory, our predecessor, thinking about the great indigence of her monastery, generously wanted to endow sufficient and appropriate possessions for the sustenance of her sisters.

18. 78In truth, because a great and splendid light cannot be restrained from displaying the brilliance of its rays, 79the power of holiness shone in her life with many and various miracles. 80Thus she restored the voice of one of the sisters of the monastery [after] it had been almost totally lost for a long time. 81She restored the ability to speak to another who had long lost the use of her tongue. 82She opened the deaf ear of another. 83She cured by making the sign of the Cross over them: one struggling with a fever, one swollen with dropsy, one infected with a fistula, and others oppressed with various ailments. 84She healed a certain brother of the Order of Lesser Ones from insanity.

19. 85Once when, by accident, the oil in the monastery was totally depleted, she called for the brother assigned to gather alms for that monastery. She took a jar, washed it, and placed it




Bulla Canonizationis Sanctae Clarae Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2334-2335

aspero cilicio de cordulis crinium equorum contexto nonnunquam adhibito iuxta carnem. 46Arcta quoque in cibo et in potu districta, tanta se in his froenabat abstinentia, quod longo tempore tribus diebus in hebdomada, videlicet secunda, quarta et sexta feria, nihil penitus pro sui corporis alimento gustavit, 47reliquis nihilominus diebus adeo se cibariorum paucitate restringens, quod aliae de ipsa, quomodo sub tam forti districtione subsistere poterat, mirabantur.

48Vigiliis insuper et orationibus assidue dedita, in his praecipue diurna et nocturna tempora expendebat. 49Diuturnis tandem perplexa languoribus, cum ad exercitium corporale non posset surgere per se ipsam, Sororum suarum suffragio levabatur et, ad tergum eius fulcimentis appositis, propriis manibus laborabat, ne in suis etiam esset infirmitatibus otiosa. 50Unde de panno lineo huius sui studii et laboris plura pro altaris sacrificio corporalia fieri fecit, et per plana et montana Assisii diversis ecclesiis exhiberi.

51Amatrix vero praecipua et colona sedula paupertatis, sic illam suo affixit animo, sic eam in suis desideriis alligavit, quod semper in ipsius dilectione firmior et ardentior in amplexu, a districta et delectabili eius copula pro nulla unquam necessitate discessit. 52Nec aliquibus prorsus potuit induci suasibus ad consentiendum, quod suum monasterium proprias possessiones haberet, quamquam fel. rec. Gregorius papa, praedecessor noster, de multa indulgentia ipsius monasterii pie cogitans, libenter illi voluerit, pro Sororum eius sustentatione, possessiones sufficientes et congruas deputare.

53Verum quia magnum et splendidum luminare supprimi non potest, quin suae radios praeferat claritatis, in ipsius etiam vita multis et variis miraculis virtus suae sanctitatis effulsit. 54Nam cuidam de Sororibus ipsius monasterii vocem, quam a longo tempore quasi omnino perdiderat, restauravit. 55Alii, officio linguae penitus destitutae, loquelam restituit expeditam. 56Alteri aurem surdam aperuit ad auditum. 57Laborantem febre, tumentem hydropisi, plagatam fistula et aliis oppressas languoribus, liberavit, facto Crucis signaculo super eas. 58Quendam Fratrem de Ordine Minorum sanavit ab insaniae passione.

59Cum autem quadam vice oleum in monasterio totaliter defecisset, ipsa, vocato Fratre qui erat eidem monasterio pro colligendis eleemosynis deputatus, accepit urceum atque lavit, vacuumque iuxta fores ipsius monasterii posuit,

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 268

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