The Versified Legend of the Virgin Clare - 205 

a burning and shining lamp Jn 1:7ff of the blessed Light.
Endowed with these gifts, he was another John himself.

80This zealous and fervent man fought a new fight
in the Church's battlefields. With his offspring
he defended the walls of the Catholic faith and confounded
the heretics' abominable aggravations with the sharpness of truth.
With the splendor of his life, this man made many quake with fear.

85By the sweetness of his word, he rescued many from the sea of the world,
and brought many of those caught in a whirlpool of evils to a port of forgiveness.
To those whom he had previously taught to beg,
he now made participants of the blessed kingdom.
Those whom an abject life made miserable,

90this man gave the ability to be blessed in heaven.


1During his time, as heaven was showering down its gifts,
Assisi brought forth a new flower and a new star:
Clare, who blossomed, who enlightened the world,
and who gave new life to the Order of Virgins which had almost died.

5Her new fragrance, her blessed splendor filled
the countryside, shines throughout the province. As Assisi's fertile
earth and its generous vines rejoice at a twofold fruit under two palm trees;
as it is strengthened by a twofold vineyard,
a mystical Bethlehem dawned upon the world.

10That city bore Christ, this brought forth Francis,
Christ's noble member; that shone at the wonderful Virgin's birth,




Legenda Versificata Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2351-2352

Et de se prebens aliis exenpla, beati
Luminis est dictus ardens lucensque lucerna:
Preditus hiis donis alter fuit iste, Iohannes.

155Hic pugne novitate calens fervensque sub armis
Militat ecclesie castris, cum prole tuetur
Catholice fidei muros, heresisque nephande
Argutos stimulos confundit acumine veri;
Hic splendore sue vite, dulcedine verbi

160Multos irradians pavit, multosque retraxit
De mundi pelago, scelerumque voragine mersos
Inpulit ad portum venie, regnique beati
Participes fecit quos mendicare sub isto
Tenpore predocuit, et quos abiectio vite

165Reddidit hic miseros celo dedit esse beatos.

V — De ortu et conversatione in domo paterna.

Eius tenporibus, celo sua dona pluente,
Edidit Asisium florem sydusque novellum,
Claram, qua floret, qua claret mundus, et ordo Virgineus quondam premortuus orbe revixit;

170Cuius odore novo, cuius splendore beato
Preredolet patria, provincia tota coruscat.
Fertilis Asisii tellus generosaque vitis,
Duplice sub fructu gaudens, sub palmite bino
Pollens, emicuit in mundo mistica Bethlem.

175Illa tulit Christum, Franciscum nobile Christi
Edidit hec me[m]brum; de miro Virginis illa Preradiat
partu, micat hec sub virginis ortu.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 205

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