The Versified Legend of the Virgin Clare - 249 


1News of the virgin's passing immediately moved all
citizens: members of both sexes came there at the same time
and the gathering becomes so great that the land
seems deserted. The people proclaim her blessed,

5revere her as a saint, and their tears are mixed
among the praises. The Podestà hastens
with seven knights and troops of armed men.
They employ guards who keep a late vigil
and throughout the night strive to protect

10such a precious treasure lest something sinister occur.
For devotion was so great in all
that the prelates' sacred pontifical rings
were placed in the precious hands
of the deceased that they could seek some power

15for them. They hope that the deceased would not be selfish
to those devoted to her. While living, she showered
great gifts and signs in the world and would live by her sign's brilliance.
The following morning the Bishop of the Roman See
hastened to Clare's funeral with an entourage of friars.

20The citizens joined them. When the time had come
for the funeral rites which were carried out as usual,
the friars began the mother's tearful funeral.
The Pope declared that it would be better to sing
the Office of the Virgins. But that outstanding Bishop,

25recipient of the renowned see of Ostia,
the splendor of whose life and knowledge was equally known,
replied that a matter of such importance would be better treated
more maturely. Thus the sad Solemn Mass was followed.
When the blessed Pope was seated with his companions,

30the aforementioned Cardinal praised Clare with a graceful sermon,
pouring forth the honey of his eloquence with a honeyed throat




Legenda Versificata Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2389-2390

XXXIII — Qualiter ad exequias eius Curia romana confluxit cum multitudine populorum.

Confestim rumor obitu de virginis omnes
Conmovit cives: simul illuc sexus uterque
Confluit, et tantus ibi fit concursus, ut ipsa
Sola remansisse videatur terra. Beatam

1400Acclamat populus, sanctam veneratur, et intra
Laudes admiscent lacrimas. Properatque Potestas
Septus militibus, armatorum que catervis;
Sero pervigiles et toto tempore noctis
Custodes adhibent, thesaurum tam pretiosum

1405Custodire student, ne forte quid inde sinistri
Accideret; nam tanta fuit devotio cunctis,
Ut prelatorum sacra pontificalia signa,
Que splendent digitis, pretiosis insererentur
Defuncte manibus, ut quid sibi querere possent

1410Virtutis: sperant quod mortua non sit avara.
Circa devotos, que grandia dona pluebat
Vivens, et mundo signorum fulgure vivat.
Ad Clare funus festinat mane sequenti
Romane Sedis Antistes cum comitiva

1415Fratrum: civesque concurunt. Hinc ubi ventum
Esset ad exequias et que de more geruntur
Inciperent Fratres in matris flebile funus,
Offitium de Virginibus magis esse canendum
Proloquitur Papa; set ubi spectabilis ille.

1420Presul cui celebrem dedit Ostia pontificatum
Et vite spendor pariterque scientia famam,
Quod res tam celebris maturius esset agenda
Respondit, misse sollempnia mesta secuntur.
Postea, cum sotiis Papa residente beato,

1425De vanis mundi labentis temate sumpto
Prefatus Presul mellito gutture mella
Fundens eloquii, Claram sermone diserto
Conmendat, mundum mentis sprevisse recessu.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 249

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