The Versified Legend of the Virgin Clare - 250 

and taking as his theme the fleeting vanities of the world.
Those having the name cardinal encompass the funeral,
enacting the appropriate suffrages with solemnity.

35But, because they do not consider that so holy,
so noble, and so precious a pledge would be safe
or deserving so far from the citizens, Clare's splendid
body was carried amid the hymns, praises, the jubilation
of the crowd, and the blast of trumpets to the church

40named for Saint George.a It was there that the
sacred remains of Francis were at first placed,
so that the father who was a leader of the living and a way to life
might prepare the very place and tomb for the deceased.
The people assemble, glorifying her with endless praise,

45proclaim that the blessed virgin reigns
in heaven together with the celestial citizens
and the sublime woman whose body the people
handle with such great honor on earth resides in heaven.
After a period of a few days had passed,

50Agnes, Clare's sister, followed her and made her way
to the Lamb's banquet. God had planned for them, sisters
by birth, by nature, by a life of merit, and by the kingdom,
to rejoice with Christ and to enjoy heaven eternally.
What her sister promised before her departure,

55her death reveals. Thus she, who had followed
her, who was shimmering with the light of virtue,
in contempt of the world, would in dying follow
her brightness to Christ with signs, harmonious in life
and reigning with her in the kingdom.

60O Virgin, renown charioteer of your daughters,
pray to Christ for us. Your holy manner of life
drew many from their faults and, by a certain
newness of life, led those new ones to life.
We, who rejoice that you have reached the highest kingdom




Legenda Versificata Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2390

Conmendat, mundum mentis sprevisse recessu.
Circundant funus a cardine nomen habentes,

1430Debita percelebri peragunt suffragia more.
Set quia non tutum reputant dignumve quod ipsum
Tam sanctum pignus, tam nobile, tam pretiosum
Sic longe distet a civibus, illud in ymnis,
Laudibus et iubilo plebis, clangore tubarum,

1435Preclarum Clare corpus transfertur in aulam,
Cui dat cognomen titulumque Georgius. Illic
Francisci tumulata prius sacra membra fuere,
Ut qui viventi dux extitit et via vite,
Defuncte pater ipse locum tumulumque pararet.

1440Concurrit populus, numerosis laudibus ipsam
Magnificat, clamat quod vere virgo beata
Regnat in excelsis iam consociata supernis
Civibus et residet sublimis in ethere, cuius
In terris corpus tanto plebs tractat honore.

1445Post hec paucorum spatio currente dierum
Claram subsequitur Agnes soror eius, ad Agni
Provehitur cenam. Deus hiis dispensat ut ambe,
Natura, vite merito regnoque sorores,
Christo coniubilent, celo sine fine fruantur;

1450Quodque repromisit illi soror ante recessum,
Exitus ostendit; ut quam fuit illa secuta
Mundi conten[p]tu, moriens sequeretur eamdem
Signis conspicuam, virtutum luce coruscam,
Ad Christum, vite concors regnique coheres.

1455Virgo puellarum celebs auriga, precare
Christum pro nobis: tua conversatio sancta
Exuit a culpis multos, ipsosque novatos
Ad vitam, vite quadam novitate reduxit;
Nos, qui te superum regnum gaudemus adeptam

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 250

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