The Versified Legend of the Virgin Clare - 252 

at another, crashing into the ground, he would grind little stones,
breaking his teeth with hard rocks.
He used to lacerate his head severely, and his wretched body
would be stained with the blood from his wound.

10His mouth distorted, he used to stick his tongue out,
and twist his limbs into a ball so that it often seemed
that his leg was wrapt around his neck.
Twice a day this sort of torment took place.
Two persons could not restrain him as he

15tore off his clothes. No one could provide help
nor any medicinal activity restore his health.
Since the boy's father, Guidolotto, is not able
to bring any cure to these frenzies,
he turned to Clare's interest, begging her

20for the boy, requesting her help and devoting himself to her.
As he hastens to her tomb, he places his son
there; He immediately sensed that he was cured:
he left free, such a possession does not disturb him after that.


1A certain woman, Alexandrina, was badly
afflicted with the devil's provocation, that
as a stone thrown in a river's current,
it would frequently make her fly like a bird.

5As it was also compelling this woman to plunge into the Tiber
from a slender branch, it used to make the miserable
laughing-stock leave that place.
By reason of her wicked deeds, she had lost use of her left side;
the disease had contracted one of her hands.

10Several medicines had not brought her health.
The afflicted woman hastened to Clare's sacred tomb
and poured out her prayers with a contrite heart. The holy virgin




Legenda Versificata Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2391-2392

Nunc se per terram collidens, ore lapillos
Mordebat, duro confringens marmore dentes;
Et capud ipse suum graviter laniabat, eoque
Conscisso miserum maculabat sanguine corpus;

1485Distortumque gerens os, linguam prohiciebat
Extra, sicque suos artus glomerabat, ut inde
Sepe videretur crus circumducere collo.
Hunc bis cotidie vexatio talis agebat;
Huic duo non poterant obsistere, quin sibi vestes

1490Exueret; nullus potuit prebere iuvamen,
Nec medicinalis industria ferre salutem.
Cunque pater pueri, Guidaloctus nomine, nullam
Hiis unquam posset furiis adhibere medelam,
Ad Clare transit suffragia, supplicat illi

1495Pro puero, deposcit opem, sibi devovet ipsum.
Ad cuius tumbam properans, deponit ibidem
Natum; qui statim persensit adesse medelam:
Liber abit, nee vexat eum post lesio talis.

XXXVI — De eodem.

Sic quedam mulier, Alexandrina vocata,

1500Demonis afflatu male vexabatur, ut ipsam.
Per quandam rupem coniunctam fluminis undis,
In morem volucris faceret volitare frequenter.
Hanc quoque per gracilem cogens descendere ramum
Acclinem fluvio Tyberis, faciebat ibidem

1505Illusam miseram ludentis more vacare.
Perdiderat merito scelerum latus ipsa sinistrum,
Unam de manibus morbus contraxerat illi;
Nec tribuere sibi medicamina plura salutem.
Ad sacrum Clare festinat lesa sepulcrum,

1510Effunditque preces conpuncto corde. Precantis

Se mox inclinat votis pia virgo, medetur

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 252

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