The Versified Legend of the Virgin Clare - 253 

immediately inclined to her supplications, the best doctor
provided what was good against the threefold disease.

15The contracted hand was healed, the weakness of her side
was restored to health, and the wicked enemy was driven off.
Another woman driven by the demon and burdened
with many sorrows, came to the virgin's tomb and,
through Clare's kindness, received the desired cure.


1The horror of violence overcame a French boy
so much that it deprived him of the use of his tongue.
The very violence moved his body horrendously.
No one could hold him down while he struggled with the madness,

5lest he would beat and slash the one holding him.
He was strapped to a bier, brought unwillingly
to the virgin's church, and placed before
her wonderful tomb by his compatriots.
The miserable boy was restored to health through their prayers.


1Valentino of Spoleto was burdened with the ailment
of epilepsy and was seriously ill with it so that
he would fall here and there six times daily.
A paralysis of his leg prevented him from walking.

5He was brought to Clare's tomb on a small donkey.
After the sick man lay there for two days
and the dawn of the third was just breaking, severely afflicted,
no one touching him, the afflicted man's calf made a breaking sound.
Suddenly he became free of both his illnesses.




Legenda Versificata Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2392-2393

Se mox inclinat votis pia virgo, medetur
Adversus triplicem medicatrix optima morbum.
Sanatur contracta manus, laterisque salutem
Consequitur languens, et pellitur hostis iniquus.

1515Altera demonio multisque doloribus acta,
Virginis ad tumulum pergens accepit eodem
Tenpore votivam, Clara miserante, medelam.

XXXVIII — De furioso sanato.

Francigenam puerum furie pervaserat horror.
In tantum, quod eum lingue privaverat usu;

1520Horrende corpus eius furor ipse movebat.
A nullo poterat, furia luctante, teneri,
Quin tentus sese collideret et laniaret.
In defunctorum lecto religatus, in aulam
Virginis infertur invitus; et ante sepulcrum

1525Eius mirificum positus per compatriotas,
Consequitur precibus horum miser ille salutem.

XXXVIII — De liberato a morbo caduco.

Hic Valentinus de Spello mole caduci
Extiterat morbi depressus, eoque gravatus,
Quod sex cotidie vicibus quocumque cadebat:

1530Gressus abstulerat illi contractio cruris.
Ducitur ad tumulum Clare, devectus asello;
Cunque dies binos eger iacuisset ibidem
Et successisset lux tertia, morbida grandi,
Nullo tangente, languentis sura fragore

1535Personuit. Mox a morbo fit liber utroque.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 253

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