The Versified Legend of the Virgin Clare - 255 


1When someone from Perugia went off
with his countrymen against the people of Foligno,
he was severely struck on the arm by a rock thrown at him.a
He incurred many medical expenses, yet the doctors

5were unable to provide him with help so that
the injured hand hung there useless. He wished to have
the arm amputated because he realized that it was useless,
for he preferred to be missing a limb
than to endure his entire body with a diseased part.

10He sought Clare's assistance. The brilliant fame
of her signs moves him. He fulfill s a vow by offering
a wax image of his hand, and as soon as he laid it at her tomb,
she offered help. Before leaving the church, he
rejoices that he had been restored of health.


1A certain Petruccio had been suffering for three years
from an ailment so that he was drained by that fatal disease.
The violence of that ailment crippled his kidneys and it even
bent him over so that he could

5barely walk even sustained by a cane.
The boy's father sought many doctors,
seeking especially those he knew were experts
in the art of healing broken bones, and was prepared
to spend all his good on a cure. But he was told that

10no one knew how to help the afflicted boy with skill .
Then he sought Clare's assistance: as the boy, who was
brought there for a while, was lying before the tomb,
he received the gift of health. Going forth he praised
the Lord's marvels. He glorified Him with his words, Acts 3:8




Legenda Versificata Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2394-2395

XL — De manu perdita et restituta.

Cum de Perusio quidam cum compatriotis
Contra Fulginei cives certamen inissent,

1570Ex ictu lapidis graviter collisus in ulna,
In medicos census multos expendit, eique
Nullum prebere medici potuere iuvamen,
Quin collisa manus penderet inutilis. Optat
Corpore precidi, quod cernit inutile membrum;

1575Mallet enim mancus fieri membroque carere,
Quam totum corpus morbosa parte gravari.
Querit opem Clare: movet tunc clarissima fama
Signorum; votumque manus sub ymagine cere
Solvens emissum, statim postquam super eius

1580Accubuit tumbam, presto fit virgo; priusquam
Exeat ecclesiam, sibi gaudet adesse salutem.

XLI — De contractis.

Sic quidam Petrolus dictus languore trienni
Consumptus fuerat, sic desiccatus ab ipsa
Mortifera peste, quod ei violentia morbi

1585Renes curvarat adeoque reflexerat illum,
Ut substentatus baculo vix pergere posset.
Multos explorat medicos pueri pater, illos
Precipue querens quos novit in arte medendi,
Ossibus elisis, expertos, bona cuncta paratus

1590Solvere pro cura; set respondetur eidem
Quod nequit humana penitus puer arte iuvari.
Hinc Clare perquirit opem: puer ante sepulcrum
Delatus modicum que iacens, tulit inde salutis
Munus, et exiliens Domini magnalia laudat

1595Ipsum glorificat verbis, signoque corusco

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 255

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