The Versified Legend of the Virgin Clare - 257 


1A woman born in Mevanico named Pleneria,
after her kidneys were paralyzed, was unable to walk
without the help of a cane to lift up her bent-over body.
But she unfortunately took her tottering steps here and there.

5One Friday she was brought to that celebrated tomb from which
miracles spring, which shines with an extraordinary light of signs,
glows with prodigies, shimmers with the lightning of virtue,
is powerful with favors, glows with gifts, and is fragrant
with cures. The woman is granted what she asks.

10The following morning she stood up straight,
and perfect health was given to her.
She returned to her own affairs on her own.


1A young girl from Perugia suffered a violent tumor
in the glands of the throat. With twenty swellings,
that tumor brought her excessive pain.
The location grew, her throat swelled in such a way

5that you could see that it was larger than her head.
Her mother often brought the girl to the virgin's
tomb. Once, when she was lying there during the night,
the tumor became moist with sweat. The swellings
immediately began to soften and to move.

10Afterwards that entire mass disappeared through
Clare's merits, and that part of the throat healed
so that there was no trace of the ailment




Legenda Versificata Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2396-2397

XLIV — De eodem.

Edita Mevanio mulier Pleneria dicta,
Preter opem baculi, contractis renibus, ire

1620Non poterat, nec eo curvum substollere corpus;
Set male nutantes gressus hinc inde trahebat.
Quodam namque die Veneris defertur ad illum
Percelebrem tumulum, de quo magnalia surgunt,
Qui micat eximia signorum luce, coruscat

1625Prodigiis, splendet virtutum fulgure, pollet
Muneribus, donis rutilat redoletque medelis.
Quod rogat assequitur mulier; nam mane sequenti
Erigitur, plenaque salus donatur eidem;
Et redit ad propria proprio devecta regressu.

XLV — De sanatione a tumoribus gutturis.

1630Gutturis intensum Perusina puella tumorem
Glandibus incurrit; in natis bisque decenis
Inducebat ei nimium tumor ille dolorem.
Sic locus excrevit, tumuit sic guttur, ut ipsum
Grossitiem capitis eius superare videres.

1635Virginis ad tumulum deduxit sepe puellam.
Mater. Cumque semel de nocte iaceret ibidem,
Inmaduit sudore tumor, mollescere statim
Ille ceperunt strume modicumque moveri.
Postea sic Clare meritis evanuit illa

1640Congeries tota, sic et locus ille resedit
Gutturis, ut morbi vestigia nulla fuissent.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 257

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