The Versified Legend of the Virgin Clare - 258 


1While Clare was still living, it happened that
one sister, Andrea, was suffering a similar ailment.
But, as she was relieving the ailment's pain,
her hand foolishly touched it. Surprisingly, among

5the burning coals of her heart there lay some ice:
a frigid soul was hiding in a blessed fire which dissolved
the ice, inflamed hearts with its pulsating strength,
and purges minds of the rust it has developed.
One night this sister squeezed her throat, so that

10the impetuous woman vomited a mass, with such an
effort surpassing the deprivation of the heavenly aid.
This was not hidden from Clare. The divinity revealed it to her.
[Clare] directed one of the sisters to help her,
to have her swallow the warm egg she would prepare,

15and to bring the sister to her. She hastens, finds the
half-dead sister, who seems to have lost her voice.
She consoles her as best she could, and brings her to her mother.
Clare said to her: "Poor one, come to your senses, make known to God
what I well know you have conceived in your heart. And look,

20the cure that you have presumed [to ask], God Himself has granted.
Turn the last things of your life into the better.
You will move on from that other illness that you suffer."
Contrite over these events, she changed her life and conduct
for the better. Shortly after her throat ailment was healed,

25she passed into eternal life because of another sickness.




Legenda Versificata Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2397

XLVI — Item aliud quod fecit cum adhuc viveret.

Contigit ut, Clara dum viveret, una Sororum
Consimilem morbum pateretur, eratque vocata
Andrea; set morbi fugiens sufferre dolorem

1645Iniecit sibi stulta manus. Mirumque quod inter
Ignitos lapides pectus glaciale latebat;
Frigida sic anima latitabat in igne beato,
Qui glaciem solvit, qui pulso corda rigore
Flammat et absumpta purgat rubigine mentes.

1650Hec quadam sibi nocte gulam compressit, ut ipsum
Evomeret vesana globum, conamine tali
Velle supergrediens celestis Numinis. Idque
Non latuit Claram; patuit divinitus illi.
Uni de sotiis iubet ut subcurat eidem

1655Sorbendumque sibi calidum quod prebeat ovum,
Adiciens quod ducat eam. Festinat, eamque
Seminecem reperit, videt ammisisse loquelam.
Utque potest relevat, ad matrem ducit; aitque
Clara sibi: 'Misera, resipisce, Deoque fatere

1660Quos bene cognovi conceptus cordis. Et ecce,
Quam presumpsisti, tribuit Deus ipse medelam.
In meliora tue converte novissima vite;
Ex alio, quam nune pateris, languore recedes'.
Hiis contrita, suos mores vitamque reduxit

1665In melius; vitioque gule sanata, parum post
Ex alio morbo concessit in ultima vite.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 258

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