The Versified Legend of the Virgin Clare - 259 


1The confines of Assisi were plagued with wild wolves.
The fierceness of wild beasts so increased
that they would feed on human flesh. Thus it
happened that a woman by the name of Bona

5who had a set of twin boys, one of whom became
the prey of the wolves, had barely completed her mourning
when, while the mother was in her house, a savage beast ran,
grabbed the other boy with his teeth, and dragged him
into the forest. When some men heard his cries,

10they came running. They asked if the mother had
her son, and spoke these words to her:
"We just heard clearly some unusual cries."
As the mother knew that a wolf had dragged him away,
she raises her voice and fills the air with her cries.

15She begs Clare that it would return her son and adds
that if he were not returned she would drown herself in the river.
Her neighbors come running. In the inaccessible places of the forest
they seek the boy whom the wolf had taken, and see the prey
left by the savage beast. It was marvelous!

20The savage animal, after setti ng aside its savagery,
leaves aside its prey torn to pieces. Its gluttony leaves safe
what it had seized. What delights their sight is that of
a dog licking his wounds. The beast had first bitten
the boy's neck. Then, wanting to carry him away more easily,

25it sank its jaws into his loins and left deep signs
of its attack in him. Because of her promise,
his mother runs to Clare herself,
shows her son's scars to everyone,
and offers her praises to God and to Clare.




Legenda Versificata Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2397-2398

XLVII — De liberatis a lupo.

Contigit Asisii partes feritate luporum
Vexari; rabies sie creverat ipsa ferarum,
Quod pascebantur humanis carnibus. Inde

1670Accidit ut mulier, geminum que pignus habebat,
Cui Bona nomen erat, nati, qui preda luporum
Extiterat, planctum vix explevisset; et ecce,
Stante domi matre, festinat bestia seva,
In reliquum puerum dentes infigit, eumque

1675Arripit, in silvam portat. Stridoribus eius
Auditis, currunt homines; si mater haberet
Infantem querunt, et in hec sibi verba locuntur:
'Insolitos fletus paulo persensimus ante'.
Agnoscens mater quod eum lupus arripuisset,

1680Voces extollit, ullulatibus aera complet;
Quod reddat natum Claram deposcit, et addit
Ni sibi restituat quod se demerget in amnem.
Currunt vicini, per silve devia querunt
Quem lupus abstulerat puerum, predamque relictam

1685A sevo predone vident. Mirabile quiddam!
Quod fera direptam predam, feritate remissa,
Dimisit; sanum quod ceperat ipsa reliquit
Ingluvies: visumque satis delectat eorum
Quod canis ipsius lingebat vulnera. Cuius

1690Cervici primos iniecit bellua morsus;
Quem levius portare volens, de renibus eius
Inplevit fauces, et signa reliquit in ipso
Non levis attractus. Pro voto mater ad ipsam
Claram festinat, et nati stigmata cunctis

1695Ostendit, laudesque Deo Clareque rependit.

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 259

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