The Versified Legend of the Virgin Clare - 260 


1One day a certain girl was outdoors.
A woman was reclining in her lap when
a wolf suddenly makes furtive steps there for its prey.
The girl seesbut, since she believes it is a dog,

5is not afraid. She inspects its thick coat. Suddenly
the wolf attacks her, envelops her face in
vast jaws, and the fierce beast begins to drag away
into the forest the prey its had seized with its jaws.
The astonished woman immediately jumps up

10and remembering the magnificent Clare calls and summons her:
"Hurry, holy virgin, hurry, I beg you! I commend
this girl to you!" It is enough. Wonderful to tell!
The girl who was being carried off seriously reprimanded
her captor: "Will you carry, you thief, a girl so

15commi tted to the lady?" The wolf was confused by this
and suddenly left its prey on the ground. Then leaving
her behind, it fled like an intercepted thief.


1Let our mind keep vigil in praise of this virgin
and let our voice sound Clare's praise, extolling her
brilliant virtues with praises, sing of her mellifluous
conduct, proclaim her radiant deeds.

5Her excellence puts bodily ailments to flight,
drives away the spirits' frenzies, mitigates the soul's
rage, and compels the wild beasts to be tame.
Let us commend ourselves to her exalted merits
and blessed prayers, and let us beg the Lord that He would enlighten

10all the soul's senses by this virgin's help and, by her holy prayers,




Legenda Versificata Sanctae Clarae, Fontes Franciscani, p. 2398-2399

XLVIII — De eodem.

Quadam namque die stabat foris una puella,
In gremio cuius mulier recubabat; et ecce,
Concitat ad predam furtim lupus illico gressus.
Huncque puella videt, set credens quod canis esset,

1700Non timet; intendit scrutandis crinibus. Ipsam
Mox lupus aggreditur, vasto concludit yatu
Ipsius vultum, truculentaque bestia raptam
Faucibus in silvam cepit deducere predam.
Protinus exurgit mulier stupefacta, memorque

1705Magnifice Clare, vocat, interpellat eandem:
Succurre, pia virgo, precor, succurre; puellam
Hanc tibi commendo'. Satis est. Mirabile dictu!
Que portabatur, infert infantula contra
Sevum raptorem: 'Portabis, latro, puellam

1710Tante commissam domine?' Confusus ad ista,
Mox lupus in terram predam deponit; eaque
Dimissa, velut interceptus latro, recedit.

XLIX — Conclusio totius operis.

Evigilent mentes in laudem virginis huius,
Et Clare vox nostra sonet magnalia, claris

1715Laudibus extollat virtutes, concinat eius
Mellifluos mores, fulgentes predicet actus;
Cuius corporeos fugat excellentia morbos,
Pellit spirituum furias, animique furores
Mitigat, inmitesque feras mitescere cogit.

1720Summis ipsius meritis precibusque beatis
Nos commendemus, Dominumque rogemus, ut huius
Virginis optentu sanctisque precatibus omnes
Clarificet sensus animi, mentesque serenet,

Clare of Assisi: Early Documents, p. 260

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