The Assisi Compilation - 119 

will be better than those who came before. But woe to them who congratulate themselves over the appearance of a religious way of living, those numbed by idleness, those who do not firmly resist the temptations which are permitted to test the chosen! Only those who are tested will receive the crown of life, those who in the meantime are disturbed by the malice of the wicked."]


 "Brothers," he would also say, ["I prayed to the Lord that he might deign to show me when I am his servant and when I am not, for I want to be nothing except his servant. And now the gracious Lord himself in his mercy is giving me this answer: 'Know that you are in truth my servant when you think, speak, and do things that are holy.' And so I have called you brothers because I want to be shamed in front of you if ever I am not doing any of those three"].


One day when blessed Francis lay sick in the palace of the bishop of Assisi,b one of the brothers, a spiritual and holy man, smiling and playfully, said to him: "You will sell all your sackcloth to the Lord for a good price! Many canopies and silk coverings will hang over this body of yours now clothed in sackcloth." At the time Saint Francis, on account of his illness, wore a fur cap covered with sackcloth as well as a tunic of sackcloth. With great fervor of spirit and joy blessed Francis—not himself, but the Holy Spirit through him—answered: "You're right because that's how it will be."




Compilatio Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1472-1473

meliores erunt predecessoribus suis. 5Ve autem illis, qui de sola sibi specie conversationis religiose plaudentes, torpescent otio, nec resistent constanter temptationibus ad probationem electorum permissis; 6quoniam soli qui probati fuerint accipient coronam vite e quos exercitat interim malitia reproborum.


1Dicebat iterum: « Rogavi Dominum a, fratres, ut michi ostendere dignaretur quando servus eius sum b et quando non. 2Nam nollem, inquit, nichil aliud quam servus existere suus. 3Ipse vero benignissimus Dominus sua nunc michi dignatione respondit: Servum meum [tunc] te esse cognosce veraciter, cum sancta cogitas, loqueris et operaris. 4Ideo vocavi vos, fratres, quoniam coram vobis verecundari volo, si quando horum trium nullum effecero ».


1Quadam die, dum iaceret infirmus beatus Franciscus in palatio episcopatus Assisii, quidam frater spiritualis et sanctus homo dixit ei, quasi ludendo et ridendo: 2 « Quantum vendes omnes tuos saccos Domino! Multi baldaquini et panni de serico ponentur et cooperientur super hoc corpus tuum, quod modo indutum est sacco ». 3Habebat enim tunc sanctus Franciscus infulam pelliceam propter infirmitatem, que cooperta erat de sacco et indumentum de sacco. 4Respondit beatus Franciscus, non ipse, sed Spiritus Sanctus per ipsum, cum magno fervore spiritus et letitia dicens: « Tu verum dicis, quoniam ita erit ».

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 119

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