The Assisi Compilation - 136 

[He did not want the brothers to live in any place unless it had a definite owner who held the property rights. He always wanted to have the law of pilgrims for his sons].a


[This man not only hated pretense in houses; he also abhorred having many or fine furnishings in them. He disliked anything, in tables or dishes, that recalled the ways of the world. He wanted everything to sing of exile and pilgrimage].


[He taught that in books the testimony of the Lord, not value, should be sought, edification rather than elegance. He wanted few books kept, and these should be available to the brothers who needed them].


[Finally, beds and coverings abounded in such plentiful poverty that if a brother had a ragged sheet over some straw he considered it a bridal couch].




Compilatio Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1502-1503

2Nolebat locellum aliquem fratres inhabitare, nisi certus ad quem proprietas pertineret constaret patronus. 3Legem namque peregrinorum in filiis semper quesivit.


1Non solum domorum arrogantiam odiebat homo iste, verum domorum utensilia multa vel exquisita plurimum perhorrebat. 2Nichil in mensis nec in vasis quod mundi recordaretur amabat, ut omnia peregrinationem, omnia cantarent exilium.


1In libris testimonium querere Domini a non pretium, hedificationem non pulchritudinem edocebat. 2Paucos haberi volebat, eosdemque ad fratrum egentium necessitatem paratos.


1In stratis et lectis ita demum abundabat copiosa pauperies, ut qui super paleas panniculos semisanos haberet, pro thalamo reputaret.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 136

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