The Assisi Compilation - 171 

happened as he said. We have seen many of these fulfilled not only while he was alive but also after his death.


At that same time, blessed Francis stayed in the hermitage of the brothers at Fonte Colombo near Rieti because of the disease of his eyes. One day the eye doctor of that citya visited him and stayed with him for some hours, as he often used to do. When he was ready to leave, blessed Francis said to one of his companions: "Go and give the doctor a good meal." "Father," his companion answered, "we're ashamed to say that, because we're so poor now we'd be ashamed to invite him and give him anything to eat." Blessed Francis told his companions: "O you of little faith! Don't make me tell you again!"

The doctor said to blessed Francis and his companions: "Brother, it is because the brothers are so poor that I am happy to eat with them." The doctor was very rich and, although blessed Francis and his companions had often invited him, he had refused to eat there. The brothers went and set the table. With embarrassment, they placed the little bread and wine they had as well as the few greens they had prepared for themselves.

When they had sat down at the table and eaten a bit, there was a knock on the door of the hermitage. One of the brothers rose, went and opened the door. And there was a woman with a large basket filled with beautiful bread, fish, crabcakes, honey, and freshly-picked grapes, which had been sent to brother Francis by a lady of a town about seven miles away from the hermitage.

After they saw this and considered the holiness of blessed Francis, the brothers and the doctor were greatly amazed. "My brothers," the doctor told them, "neither you nor we sufficiently recognize the holiness of this saint."




Compilatio Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1569-1571

ita fiebat; 15et nos vidimus multa, dum viveret, impleta et post mortem suam similiter.


1Eodem tempore mansit beatus Franciscus pro infirmitate oculorum apud heremitorium fratrum de Fonte Columbarum prope Reate. 2Cumque quadam die visitaret ipsum medicus oculorum eiusdem civitatis et maneret cum illo per aliquam horam sicut sepe consueverat, dum vellet recedere, dixit beatus Franciscus uni de sociis suis: « Ite et date medico optime manducare ». 3Respondit ei socius eius dicens: « Pater, cum verecundia dicimus, quia tantum pauperes sumus modo quod verecundamur ipsum invitare et dare illi modo ad manducandum ». 4Dixit ad socios suos beatus Franciscus: « Modice fidei, nolite me facere amplius dicere ».

5Dixit medicus ad beatum Franciscum et ad socios suos: « Frater, ex quo fratres sunt ita pauperes, cum ipsis libentius comedere volo ». 6Erat ille medicus multum dives, et cum sepe invitaverint ipsum beatus Franciscus et socii eius, noluit ibi comedere. 7Iverunt ergo fratres et paraverunt mensam, et cum verecundia apposuerunt modicum panis et vini quod habebant et parum de oleribus que fecerant pro se ipsis.

8Et sedentibus illis ad mensam, cum parum adhuc comedissent, et ecce ostium heremitorii fuit pulsatum. 9Exurgens unus de fratribus ivit et aperuit ostium. 10Et ecce quedam mulier apportans magnum canistrum plenum de pulchro pane et piscibus, mastillis gammarorum, melle et uvis quasi recentibus, que miserat ad beatum Franciscum quedam domina cuiusdam castri, quod distabat ab heremitorio quasi .VII. miliaria.

11Quibus visis, fratres et medicus ille mirati sunt valde considerantes sanctitatem beati Francisci. 12Unde dixit ad fratres medicus ille: « Fratres mei, nec vos sicut debetis nec nos cognoscimus sanctitatem huius sancti ».

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 171