The Assisi Compilation - 188 

even with tears, as if to the Gospel of the Lord. For he had a great faith and devotion toward blessed Francis.

When the Praises of the Lord were ended, the podestà said to everyone: "I tell you the truth, not only do I forgive the lord bishop, whom I must have as my lord, but I would even forgive one who killed my brother or my son." And so he cast himself at the lord bishop's feet, telling him: "Look, I am ready to make amends to you for everything, as it pleases you, for the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and of his servant, blessed Francis."

Taking him by the hands, the bishop stood up and said to him: "Because of my office humility is expected of me, but because I am naturally prone to anger, you must forgive me." And so, with great kindness and love they embraced and kissed each other.

And the brothers marveled greatly, considering the holiness of blessed Francis, that what he had foretold about peace and harmony between them had been fulfilled, to the letter. All the others who were present and heard it took it for a great miracle, crediting it to the merits of blessed Francis, that the Lord had so quickly visited them, and that without recalling anything that had been said, they returned to such harmony from such scandal.

Therefore we who were with blessed Francis bear witness that always whenever he would predict "such-and-such a thing is or will be this way," it happened almost to the letter. We have seen with our own eyes what would be too long to write down or recount.


Likewise, in those same days and in the same place, blessed Francis, after he composed the Praises of the Lord for his creatures, also composed some holy words with chant for the greater consolation of the Poor Ladies of the Monastery of San Damiano. He did this especially because he knew how much his illness troubled them.

And since he was unable to console and visit them personally because of that illness, he wanted those words to be proclaimed to them by his companions. In these words, he wanted to reveal his will to them briefly, for then and for always, how they should be of one mind and how they should live in charity toward one another. He wanted to do this because they were converted to Christ by his example and preaching when the brothers were still few. Their conversion and manner of living is the glory and edification not only of the reli-




Compilatio Assisiensis, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1600-1603

13Et statim potestas surrexit et iunctis brachiis et manibus cum magna devotione quasi Evangelium Domini, immo etiam cum lacrimis, intente audivit. 14Habebat enim magnam fidem et devotionem in beato Francisco.

15Finitis Laudibus Domini, dixit potestas coram omnibus: « In veritate dico vobis, quod non solum domino episcopo quem pro meo domino habere debeo, sed si quis germanum meum aut filium interfecisset, sibi indulgerem ». 16Et ita proiecit se ad pedes c domini episcopi dicens ad eum: « Ecce paratus sum per omnia satisfacere vobis, sicut vobis placuerit amore Domini nostri Iesu Christi et eius servi beati Francisci ».

17Episcopus accipiens ipsum cum manibus surrexit et dixit ad eum: « Ex officio meo conveniret me esse humilem, sed quia ad iracundiam sum naturaliter pronus, oportet quod michi indulgeas ». 18Et sic cum multa benignitate et dilectione amplexati et obsculati sunt ad invicem.

19Et mirati sunt plurimum fratres considerantes sanctitatem beati Francisci, quod ad litteram fuit verum quod de illorum pace et concordia predixerat beatus Franciscus; 20et omnes alii, qui ibi aderant et qui audierant, habuerunt illud pro magno miraculo meritis beati Francisci ascribentes, quod tam cito visitavit eos Dominus et quod, sine recordatione alicuius verbi, de tanto scandalo ad tantam concordiam redierunt.

21Unde nos qui fuimus cum beato Francisco, testimonium perhibemus, quod semper cum prediceret: « Aliquid sic est, vel erit », ad litteram fere fiebat; 22et nos oculis nostris vidimus, quod longum esset ea scribere et enarrare.


1Similiter illis diebus et in eodem loco, postquam beatus Franciscus composuit Laudes Domini de creaturis, fecit etiam quedam sancta verba cum cantu pro maiori consolatione dominarum pauperum monasterii Sancti Damiani, maxime quia de eius infirmitate ipsas sciebat nimis tribulari.

2Et cum personaliter propter ipsam infirmitatem ipsas consolari et visitare non posset, voluit illa verba per eius socios illis nuntiari; 3in quibus tunc et semper voluit illis breviter patefacere suam voluntatem, qualiter deberent caritate esse unanimes et ad invicem conversari, quia eius exemplo et predicatione, cum fratres adhuc pauci essent, ad Christum converse fuerunt. 4Quarum conversio et conversatio non solum Religionis fratrum, cuius plantula exaltatio est et hedificatio,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 188