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 The Legend of the Three Companions - 67 

Brother Angelo,a one-time companions, although unworthy, of the blessed father Francis, express their dutiful and devout reverence in the Lord.

By command of the last general chapter, and of yourself, the brothers are bound to forward to Your Paternity such signs and wonders of our blessed father Francis which they know or can ascertain. We who, though unworthy, lived for a long time in his company, thought it opportune to recount truthfully to Your Holiness a few of his many deeds. We ourselves have seen or heard about them from other holy brothers, in particular from Brother Philip, the Visitator of the Poor Ladies,b Brother Illuminato of Arce,c Brother Masseo of Marignano,d and a companion of the venerable father, Brother Giles, Brother John,e who gathered these things from that holy Brother Giles, and from Brother Bernard of blessed memory, the first companion of blessed Francis.

Wef do not intend merely to relate miracles, which demonstrate, but do not cause sanctity. Our intention is to point out some striking aspects of his holy manner of life and the intention of his pious desires, for the praise and glory of almighty God and of the holy father Francis, and for the edification of those who desire to follow in his footsteps.

We do not intend to write a legend, since other legends about his life and the miracles that the Lord worked through him have been written some time ago; rather, we have picked, as it were, from a field of flowers those we have judged the more beautiful. We are not following a chronological order, and are omitting many things which have already been related eloquently and accurately in other legends already mentioned.




Legenda Trium Sociorum, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1373-1374

et frater Angelus, olim socii licet indigni beatissimi patris Francisci, reverentiam in Domino debitam et devotam.

1 1Reverendo in Christo patri, fratri Crescentio, Dei gatia generali ministro, frater Leo, frater Rufinus et frater Angelus, olim socii licet indigni beatissimi patris Francisci, reverentiam in Domino debitam et devotam. 2Cum de mandato proximi praeteriti capituli generalis, et vestro, teneantur fratres signa et prodigia beatissimi patris Francisci, quae scire vel reperire possunt, vestrae paternitati dirigere, 3visum est nobis qui secum licet indigni fuimus diutius conversati, pauca de multis gestis ipsius quae per nos vidimus a vel per alios sanctos fratres scire potuimus, 4et specialiter per fratrem Philippum visitatorem pauperum dominarum, fratrem Illuminatum de Arce, fratrem Masseum de Marignano, et fratrem Iohannem socium venerabilis patris fratris Egidii 5qui plura de his habuit ab eodem sancto fratre Egidio, et sanctae memoriae fratre Bernardo primo socio beati Francisci, sanctitati vestrae veritate praevia intimare.

6Non contenti narrare solum miracula, quae sanctitatem non faciunt sed ostendunt, sed etiam sanctae conversationis eius insignia 7et pii beneplaciti voluntatem ostendere cupientes, ad laudem et gloriam Summi Dei et dicti patris sanctissimi, atque aedificationem volentium eius vestigia imitari.

8Quae tamen per modum legendae non scribimus, cum dudum de vita sua et miraculis quae per eum Dominus operatus est sint confectae legendae, 9sed velut de amoeno prato quosdam flores, arbitrio nostro, pulchriores excerpimus, continuatam historiam non sequentes, 10sed multa seriose relinquentes quae praedictis legendis sunt posita tam veridico quam luculento sermone.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 67

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