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 The Miracles Shown after His Death - 663 

good as dead. Because of the weakness of his breathing and strength, lack of feeling or movement, he seemed already completely gone. His friends and family, as is usual, gathered for mourning and all that remained was the burial. His father, having faith in the Lord, rushed off to the church of blessed Francis, which had been built in that same town. With a cord hanging around his neck he humbly threw himself on the ground. He made a vow and prayed repeatedly. With sighs and groans, he gained Saint Francis as his patron with Christ. As the father returned quickly to his son and found him restored to health, his mourning turned into joy. Lam 5:15

11The Lord worked similar things by the merits of the saint for a girl in the town of Tamarit in Catalonia, and for another girl of Ancona. Both of them were at their last breath because of grave illness, but blessed Francis, whom their parents had faithfully invoked, restored them to perfect health at once.

12A cleric from Vicalvi named Matteo drank some deadly poison. Mk 16:18 He was so afflicted that he could not speak at all; he awaited only his end. Even a priest who encouraged him to confess could not pry a single word from him. But he humbly prayed to Christ in his heart, Ps 14:1 [Vulgate, Ps 13:1]to deliver him from the jaws of death through the merits of blessed Francis. Soon after, strengthened by the Lord, he spoke out the name of blessed Francis with faithful devotion, and with witnesses present, he vomited up the poison, and gave thanks to his deliverer.

Chapter IV

1Some sailors were placed in grave danger at sea when a fierce storm came up while they were ten miles out from the port of Barletta. Anxious for their lives, they let down the anchors. But the stormy wind swelled the sea more violently, breaking the ropes and releasing the anchors. They were tossed about the sea on an unsteady and uncertain course. Finally at God's pleasure the sea was calmed, and they prepared with all their strength to recover their anchors, whose ropes were floating on the surface. As they were unable to achieve this by their own efforts they invoked the help of many saints and were worn down by their exertion, but could not recover even one after a whole day. There was one sailor named Perfetto, though he was anything but perfect in his behavior, who scoffed and said to his companions, "Look, you have invoked the aid of all the saints, and as you see not one of them has helped.




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 931-932

iudicabatur pro mortuo, sed et prae debilitate spiritus et virtutis sensus et motus usu privatus, visus est penitus emigrasse. 3Congregatis autem ex more ad planctum parentibus et amicis, ac de sola agentibus sepultura, pater ipsius, fiduciam habens in Domino, concito gressu ad ecclesiam cucurrit beati Francisci, quae in eodem erat castro constructa, et cingulo suspenso ad guttur, cum omni humilitate se prostravit in terram. 4Sicque vota vovens et multiplicans preces, suspiriis et gemitibus meruit apud Christum sanctum Franciscum habere patronum. 5Reversus itaque statim pater ad filium et sanitati restitutum inveniens, luctum in gaudium commutavit.

11 1Simile quiddam meritis Sancti operatus est Dominus circa puellam quamdam in Cathalonia de villa, nomine Thamarit, et circa aliam de Ancona, 2quas, cum essent prae nimietate aegritudinis in ultimo spiritu constitutae, beatus Franciscus, fideliter a parentibus invocatus, perfectae continuo restituit sanitati.

12 1Clericus quidam de Vico Albo, nomine Matthaeus, veneno mortifero bibito, in tantum fuit gravatus, quod loqui aliquo modo non valens, solum finalem exitum exspectabat. 2Sacerdos quidam, ut sibi confiteretur, admonuit et verbum unum ab eo extorquere non valuit. 3Ipse vero in corde suo humiliter Christum orabat, ut per beati Francisci merita a mortis eum faucibus eripere dignaretur; 4moxque, ut confortatus a Domino, beati Francisci nomen fideli devotione deprompsit testibus qui aderant, veneno evomito, liberatori suo gratias egit.

De naufragis liberatis.

1 1In magno maris periculo positi quidam nautae, cum per milliaria decem a portu Barulitano distarent, ingravescente nimium tempestate, iam de vita dubii ancoras submiserunt. 2Verum spiritu procellarum mari ferventius tumescente, fractis funibus et relictis ancoris, incerto et inaequali cursu per aequora vagabantur. 3Tandem nutu divino mari placato, ad resumendas ancoras, quarum funes superius enatabant, toto se conamine paraverunt. 4Cumque id perficere propriis viribus non valerent, plurimorum Sanctorum invocato subsidio multisque iam sudoribus liquescentes, nec unam per totam diem resumere potuerunt. 5Aderat autem nauta quidam, Perfectus nomine, sed moribus imperfectus, qui cum irrisione quadam dixit ad socios: « Ecce, Sanctorum omnium invocastis auxilium, et, ut videtis, nullus est, qui succurrat.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 663

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