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 The Miracles Shown after His Death - 671 

exemplar of holy obedience, in order to encourage them on their journey with a new miracle, cured the aforesaid brother in their presence in this way. One night the aforesaid Brother Roberto lay deathly ill and his soul had already been commended, when suddenly the blessed father appeared to him along with three brothers, perfect in holiness, Saint Anthony, Brother Agostino, and Brother Giacomo of Assisi. Just as these three had followed him perfectly in their lives, so they readily accompanied him after death. Saint Francis took a knife and cut away the excess flesh, restored his sight and snatched him from the jaws of death, saying, "Roberto, my son, the favor I have done for you is a sign to the brothers on their way to distant countries that I go before them and guide their steps. Ps 40:3 [Vulgate, Ps 39:3] May they go forth joyfully and fulfill the charge of obedience with enthusiasm!"

2A blind woman of Thebes in Romania, spent the vigil of Saint Francis fasting on bread and water, and was led by her husband at early dawn of the feast to the church of the Lesser Brothers. During the celebration of the Mass, at the elevation of the Body of Christ, she opened her eyes, saw clearly, and devoutly adored. In the very act of adoration she broke into a loud cry, "Thanks be to God and to his saint," she cried, "I see the Body of Christ!" All those present broke into cries of gladness. After the Mass the woman returned to her home with joy of spirit and the sight of her eyes. The woman rejoiced, indeed, not only because she had recovered the sight of bodily light, but also because, by the merits of blessed Francis, helped by the power of faith, the first thing that she saw was that wonderful sacrament which is the true and living light of souls.

3A fourteen-year-old boy from the village of Pofi in Campania suffered a sudden attack and completely lost use of his left eye. The acuteness of the blow thrust the eye out of its socket so that it hung over the cheeks for eight days, by a loose muscle an inch long, and had nearly dried up. Cutting it off seemed the only choice when medical remedies proved hopeless. Then the boy's father turned hiswhole mind  Mk12:30 to the help of blessed Francis. The tireless helper of the afflicted did not fail the prayers of his petitioner. He marvelously returned the dried eye to its socket and former vigor with the rays of light so longed for.

4In the same province, at Castro, a beam of great weight fell from a high place and crushed the skull of a priest, blinding his left eye. Flat on the ground, he began to cry out mournfully to Saint Francis, "Help me, holy father, so that I can go to your feast as I promised your brothers!" It was the vigil of the saint's feast. He quickly got




Legenda Maior, Fontes Franciscani, p. 942-944

beatus Pater Franciscus speculum obedientiae sanctae, ut eos miraculi novitate hortaretur ad iter, praedictum fratrem ipsis praesentibus tali modo curavit. 3Iacebat nocte quadam frater Robertus praedictus aeger ad mortem, iamque sibi fuerat anima commendata, 4cum ecce, adstitit ei beatus Pater cum tribus fratribus omni sanctitate perfectis, videlicet sancto Antonio, fratre Augustino et fratre Iacobo de Assisio, qui sicut eum perfecte fuerant secuti, dum viverent, ita et ipsum alacriter comitabantur post mortem. 5Accipiens cultellum, sanctus Franciscus carnem superfluam resecavit, lumen restituit pristinum et a mortis eum fauce reduxit, 6dixitque illi: « Fili Roberte, gratia, quam tecum feci, signum est fratribus ad remotas nationes euntibus, quod ego praecedam eos et ipsorum dirigam gressus. 7Vadant », inquit, « gaudenter et iniunctam, obedientiam alacri animo exsequantur ».

2 1Apud Thebas in Romania mulier caeca vigiliam sancti Francisci in pane tantum et aqua ieiunans, ad ecclesiam fratrum Minorum summo mane festivitatis a viro suo perducta est. 2Quae, dum Missa celebraretur, in elevatione corporis Christi oculos aperuit, clare vidit, devotissime adoravit. 3In ipsa vero adoratione voce magna proclamans: « Gratias », inquit, « Deo et Sancto eius, quia video corpus Christi! », omnibus, qui aderant in vocem exsultationis conversis. 4Post sacrorum expletionem reversa est mulier in domum suam cum gaudio spiritus et lumine oculorum. 5Exsultabat quidem mulier, non solum quia lucis corporeae recuperarat aspectum, verum etiam quia Sacramentum illud mirificum, quod est lumen animarum verum et vivum, respectu primario per beati Francisci merita, fidei suffragante virtute, meruerat intueri.

3 1In Campania puer quidam quatuordecim annorum de castro Pophis subita vexatus angustia, sinistrum oculum amisit ex toto. 2Passionis acerbitas sic de loco suo propulit oculum, quod per octo dies extra, nervo relaxato, longitudine digiti unius ad maxillas dependens, pene aridus est effectus. 3Sed cum sola superesset abscissio , et a medentibus foret penitus desperatus, pater eius ad auxilium beati Francisci tota se mente convertit. 4Non defuit ille indefessus miserorum adiutor precibus supplicantis. 5Nam oculum aridum mirabili virtute in locum suum pristinumque vigorem restituit et lucis optatae radiis illustravit.

4 1In eadem provincia apud Castrum magni ponderis lignum ex alto proruit, et cuiusdam sacerdotis caput gravissime quassans, sinistrum oculum excaecavit. 2Qui, humi deiectus, coepit alta voce sanctum Franciscum luctuose clamare, dicens: « Succurre, Pater sanctissime, ut ad festum tuum ire valeam, sicut fratribus tuis ire promisi! ». 3Erat enim vigilia Sancti. 4Qui statim exsurgens,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 671

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