The Minor Legend - 712 

his many miracles. Once at Lerida, a man, whose name was John and who was devoted to blessed Francis, was so cut and savagely wounded one night that one could hardly believe that he would survive until the next day. Our holy father appeared marvelously to him and with his sacred hands touched those wounds. At the very same hour John was so restored to full health that all the region proclaimed that this wonderful standard bearer of the cross was most worthy of all veneration. Who would not be surprised to look upon a person he knew well, who, at almost the same moment of time, was mangled by the most cruel wounds and then rejoiced in unimpaired health? Who would be able to recall this without giving thanks? Finally, who could ponder in a spirit of faith such a tender, virtuous, and remarkable miracle without experiencing devotion?

Eighth Lesson

At Potenza, a city of Apulia, a cleric named Ruggero was thinking foolish things about the sacred stigmata of our blessed father. He received a blow to his left hand under his glove, as though from an arrow shot from a bow. His glove, however, remained untouched. He was subject to the sting of excruciating pain for three days. Feeling remorseful, he called upon and entreated Francis earnestly to help him by means of those glorious stigmata. He received such perfect health that all the pain disappeared and not a trace of a blow remained. From this it seems perfectly clear that those sacred marks of his were impressed by a power and provided with the strength of Him whose characteristic it is to inflict wounds, to provide remedies, to strike the obstinate, and to heal the contrite. Lk 4:18

Ninth Lesson

This blessed man certainly appeared worthy to be marked with this singular privilege since his whole endeavor, both public and private, centered around the cross of the Lord. What else than his wonderful gentleness, the austerity of his life, his profound humility, his prompt obedience, his extreme poverty, his unimpaired chastity; what else than the bitterness of his compunction, his flow of tears, his heartfelt compassion, his zeal for emulation, his desire for martyrdom, his outstanding charity, and finally the privilege of the many virtuesa that made him Christ-like: what else stood out in him





Legenda Minor, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1004-1006

2Nam ut de pluribus eius prodigiis duo quaedam anticipando simul et perstringendo commemorem, 3cum apud Ilerdam vir quidam, Ioannes nomine, beato Francisco devotus, adeo sero quodam fuisset vulnerum atrocitate concisus, ut vix crederetur supervicturus in crastinum, 4apparente sibi mirabiliter Patre sanctissimo et vulnera illa sacris manibus contingente, hora eadem sic integrae sospitati redditus est, 5ut mirabilem crucis signiferum omni veneratione dignissimum omnis illa regio proclamaret. 6Quis enim posset sine admiratione conspicere hominem non ignotum sub eodem quasi momento temporis nunc plagis laniatum saevissimis, nunc incolumitate gaudentem? 7Quis sine gratiarum actione recolere? 8Quis denique sine devotione tam pium, virtuosum praeclarumque miraculum fideli valeat mente pensare?

Lectio octava.

8 1Apud Potentiam, civitatem Apuliae, clericus quidam, nomine Rogerus, cum de sacris beati Patris stigmatibus cogitaret inania, subito fuit in manu sinistra sub chirotheca percussus, ac si prosilisset spiculum de balista, ipsa tamen chirotheca omnino manente intacta. 2Cum vero per triduum vehementis fuisset doloris cruciatus aculeo et iam mente compunctus beatum invocaret et adiuraret Franciscum per gloriosa illa sibi stigmata subvenire, salutem adeo perfectam obtinuit, ut omnis dolor abscederet, nullumque remaneret omnino vestigium percussurae. 3Ex quo luculenter apparet, quod sacra illa signacula illius fuerunt impressa potentia et praedita sunt virtute, cuius est vulnera infligere, medelas afferre, obstinatos percutere contritosque sanare.

Lectio nona.

9 1Digne quidem vir iste beatus singulari hoc privilegio insignitus apparuit, cum omne ipsius studium, tam publicum quam privatum, circa crucem Domini versaretur. 2Nam et mira mansuetudinis lenitas austeritasque vivendi, humilitas illa profunda, obedientia prompta, paupertas eximia, castitas illibata, amara compunctio, lacrimarum profluvium, pietas viscerosa, aemulationis ardor, martyrii desiderium, caritatis excessus, multiplex denique christiformium praerogativa virtutum, quid aliud in eo praetendunt quam assimilationes ad Christum et praeparationes quasdam ad stigmata sacra ipsius?

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 712