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 The Minor Legend - 717 

Eighth Lesson

Because of him innumerable benefits from God do not cease to abound in different parts of the world, as even I myself who wrote the above have experienced in my own life. When I was just a child and very seriously ill, my mother made a vow on my behalf to the blessed father Francis. I was snatched from the very jaws of death and restored to the vigor of a healthy life. Since I hold this vividly in my memory, I now publicly proclaim it as true, lest keeping silent about such a benefit I would be accused of being ungrateful. Accept, therefore, blessed father, my thanks however meager and unequal to your merits and benefits.a As you accept our desires, excuse, too, our faults through prayer, so that you may both rescue those faithfully devoted to you from present evils, and lead them to everlasting blessings.

Ninth Lesson

It is fitting, therefore, that these words be concluded with a brief recapitulation of everything that has been written. Whoever has read thoroughly the things above should ponder carefully these final considerations: the conversion of the blessed father Francis which took place in a marvelous way; efficacy in the divine word; privilege of exalted virtues; spirit of prophecy together with an understanding of the Scriptures; obedience of creatures lacking reason; the impression of the sacred stigmata; and his celebrated passage from this world to heaven. These seven testimonies clearly attest and show to the whole world that he, the glorious herald of Christ, having in himself the seal of the living God, Rv 7:2 should be venerated by reason of his accomplishments, and for the fact that he was authentic in his teaching and admirable in his holiness. So let those who are leaving Egypt feel secure in following him. With the sea divided by the staff of the cross of Christ, they will traverse the desert and in crossing the Jordan of mortality, they will enter, by the wonderful power of that cross, into the promised land of the living. Through the prayers of our blessed father may they, there, be conducted to that glorious Savior and leader, Christ, to whom with the Father and the Holy Spirit, in perfect Trinity be all praise, honor, and glory forever. Amen. Rom 16:27





Legenda Minor, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1011-1013

Lectio octava.

8 1Innumera quoque per ipsum in diversis partibus orbis exuberare non cessant beneficia Dei, sicut et ego ipse, qui superiora descripsi, experientia teste, in me ipso probavi. 2Voto enim, pro me languente gravissime ad beatum Patrem Franciscum emisso a matre, cum adhuc essem puerulus, ab ipsis sum mortis faucibus erutus et in robur vitae incolumis restitutus. 3Quod cum viva memoria teneam, vera nunc confessione profiteor, ne tantum beneficium reticens, sceleris arguar ut ingratus. 4Accipe igitur, Pater beate, quascumque exiles meritisque tuis ac beneficiis impares gratiarum actiones, et cum susceperis vota, culpas nostras sic orando excusa, ut fideliter tibi devotos et a malis praesentibus eruas et ad bona sempiterna perducas.

Lectio nona.

9 1Igitur ut summaria quadam praescriptorum omnium epilogatione sermo claudatur 2quisquis superiora perlegerit finali consideratione perpendat, quod ipsius beati Patris Francisci mirabiliter facta conversio, efficacia in verbo divino, sublimium praerogativa virtutum, prophetiae spiritus cum intelligentia Scripturarum, obedientia creaturarum ratione carentium, sacrorum. impressio stigmatum et celeber transitus ex hoc mundo ad caelum tamquam testimonia septem, saeculo toti luculenter ostendunt 3et adstruunt ipsum velut praeclarum Christi praeconem, signum Dei vivi in se ipso habentem, et venerandum esse officio et doctrina authenticum et admirabilem sanctitate. 4Secure itaque hunc sequantur qui ex Aegypto exeunt, quia, per baculum crucis Christi mari diviso, deserta transibunt, 5in repromissam viventium terram, Iordane mortalitatis transmisso, per ipsius crucis mirandam potentiam ingressuri, quo nos introducat per beati Patris suffragia inclytus ille Salvator et ductor Iesus, 6cui cum Patre et Spiritu sancto in Trinitate perfecta omnis sit laus, honor et gloria in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Explicit minor vita sancti Francisci.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 2, p. 717

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