A Book of the Praises of Saint Francis (1277-1283) - 60 

want to leave you, O Lord," he said, "but I should provide whatever is necessary for my mother who lovingly nurtured me while she was living in poverty." While he was praying in this way and looking at the image of the Crucified, he saw blood flowing from the wound in the Crucified's side, and he heard the voice of the Lord saying: "I have nurtured you more dearly than your mother has and I have redeemed you with this blood. You should not leave me because of your mother." The brother was speechless when he saw the blood and heard the voice. As a result he conquered his temptation and remained in the Order. He placed Christ before his mother since Christ said in the Gospel: Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.

91Gunther of Brabant, a monk of the Order of Saint Benedict, was not able to live the kind of life in his monastery that he wished. Therefore, he had himself transferred to another monastery. But even there he did not find the spiritual peace for which he hoped. He gave himself up to prayer, reading the Psalter every day and fasting, and beseeching the Lord to point out to him a way to salvation by which he could faithfully serve him. After several days spent in prayer and fasting, he saw blessed Francis in his sleep. Francis had before him the text of the Gospel and also the Rule which he had placed under the Gospel. The monk wondered about all this and was made to understand what he saw. He wondered too about the Rule being placed under the Gospel. "The Rule is under the Gospel because it has been based on the Gospel," the saint said. The monk prayed and fasted for many days, striving to know whether the state of life, portrayed by the vision, was pleasing to God. He suppliantly asked that, if it were so, this vision might be given to him again. Blessed Francis appeared to him again as before with the Gospel and the Rule. Nevertheless, for a third time the monk repeated the usual praying and fasting, and in all his prayers he strove more and more to discover more surely whether the state of life shown to him was acceptable to God. Blessed Francis appeared to him in the same way as before and seemed to be receiving the monk into the Order. But the monk was suffering from a serious malady in his leg, and he said to blessed Francis: "The brothers will not have confidence in me, and therefore will not accept me." The saint replied: "Your leg has been cured, and this will be a proof of your sincerity." Aroused from sleep, he found himself cured just as he had experienced it in his dream. When the monk sought admission into the Order, he was put off by the minister as not being quite suitable. Then he recounted his vision and the manifestation of the favor which had been given to him. After he had been received into the Order, he lived in a religious and




Liber de Laudibus Beati Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1280-1281

« Nolo te dimittere, Domine, sed matri, quae me care in penuria magna nutrivit, intendo necessaria providere ». 89Cumque sic orans imaginem Crucifixi respiceret, vidit de lateris vulnere Crucifixi sanguinem emanare et audivit, vocem Domini sic dicentis: « Ego carius te nutrivi quam mater et isto sanguine te redemi, nec me deberes dimittere propter matrem ». 90Stupefactus ipse tam de sanguine quam de voce, omni tentatione devieta, remansit in Ordine, matri non immerito Christum praeponens dicentem in Evangelio: Qui amat patrem aut matrem plus quam me, non est me dignus.

91Giratherus de Barama, monachus Ordinis sancti Benedicti in monasterio suo non valens vivere, ut optabat, cum se propter hoc ad monasterium aliud transtulisset nec ibi etiam optatam spiritus quietem inveniret, totum se contulit ad orandum, legens omni die psalterium et ieiunans, ut sibi Dominus viam salutis, per quam ei servire acceptabiliter posset, ostendere dignaretur. 92Post plures vero dies in oratione et ieiunio consummatos vidit in somniis beatum Franciscum et ante ipsum Evangelii textum et suppositam Evangelio regulam. 93Interrogans monachus et de his quae videbat instructus, mirabatur, regulam Evangelio supponi. « Propter hoc, ait Sanctus, Evangelio supponitur regula, quia super Evangelium est fundata ». 94Multis itaque diebus orans monachus et ieiunans, scire affectans, si placeret Deo status, quem visio portendebat, rogabat supplex, ut, si sic esset, haec sibi visio iterum appareret. 95Cum sic orasset, apparuit ei iterum beatus Franciscus cum Evangelio et regula, sicut prius. 96Tertia nihilominus vice consuetum orandi et ieiunandi modum iterans monachus magis ac magis certior effici votis omnibus affectabat, si ostensus ei status acceptabilis Deo esset. 97Et apparens ei beatus Franciscus eodem per omnia modo quo prius ipsum ad Ordinem recipere videbatur. 98Patiebatur autem monachus ille gravem in tibia morbum et dixit beato Francisco: « Non credent mihi fratres neque recipient ». Et ait Sanctus: « De tibia tua curatus es et hoc pro testimonio erit tibi ». 99Et sicut in somniis viderat sic evigilatus se curatum invenit. 100Qui requirens Ordinem cum a Ministro minus receptibilis differretur, retulit visionem praemissam et ostensionem collati beneficii. 101Itaque receptus ad Ordinem fuit religiosae conversationis et sancte in Coloniensi Provincia commoratus.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 60