A Book of the Praises of Saint Francis (1277-1283) - 70 

rested. Since he was completely paralyzed from the waist down, he could not walk or sit up. One day, when he was brought into the church to touch the tomb, he was completely cured. He said that a young man in the habit of the brothers was on top of the tomb with his hands pointing to a pear which he seemed to offer to him. He stood up taking his extended hand and, leading him outside, he was cured.

6There was another citizen from Gubbio. When he brought his crippled son, so crippled and deformed that his legs were completely withered and drawn up under him, to the tomb of the glorious father, he received him back whole and sound.

7A girl of Norcia appeared listless for some time and it was eventually clear she was troubled by a devil. For she would often gnash her teeth and tear at herself. She would not avoid dangerous heights nor did she fear any hazard. Then she lost her speech and was deprived of the use of her limbs, and became totally irrational. Her parents were tormented by the confusion of their offspring; they tied her on a stretcher mounted on a draft-animal and took her to Assisi. During the celebration of Mass on the feast of the Lord's Circumcision, she lay prone before the altar of the saint. Suddenly she vomited, I can't say what, and then got up on her feet. She kissed the altar, and fully free of her illness she shouted in praise of God and the saint.

8In the diocese of Volterra, Riccomagno could scarcely drag himself along the ground with his hands. His own mother had abandoned him on account of his monstrous swelling. He humbly vowed himself to blessed Francis and was instantly healed.

9Two women from the same diocese were so crippled that they could not move about unless carried by others. They had stripped the skin from their hands attempting to move themselves. By their vow alone were they restored to health.

10Giacomo from Poggibonsi was so pitiably bent and crippled that his mouth touched his knees. His widowed mother took him to an oratory of blessed Francis and poured out her prayer to the Lord for his recovery; she brought him home healthy and whole.

11A woman from Vicalvi with a withered hand had it restored to match the other through the merits of the holy father.

12In the city of Capua a woman vowed to visit in person the tomb of Saint Francis. Because of the press of household matters she forgot her vow, and suddenly lost the use of her right side. On account of pinched nerves she was unable to turn her head or arm in any direction. She had so much pain that she wore her




Liber de Laudibus Beati Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p. 1289-1290

ubi Sancti corpus quiescit, per plures recubans dies, quia nec ire poterat nec sedere a cingulo enim infra omnibus erat virtutibus et membrorum officio destitutus quadam die introductus in ecclesiam ad tactum sepulcri sanus et incolumis effectus est. Dicebat autem, quod iuvenis quidam in habitu fratrum stans supra sepulcrum manum eius ad pira, quae sibi porrigere videbatur, extentam accipiens eum erexit et curatum foras educens disparuit.

6Quidam alius, civis Eugubinus, cum filium contractum, ita quod tibiae natibus adhaerentes erant penitus, ad sancti Patris tumulum detulisset, sanum et incolumen eum recepit.

7Puella quaedam apud Nursiam languore diu percussa tandem daemone vexata innotuit. Nam saepe stridens, dentibus se ipsam dilacerabat nec praecipitia vitans nec discrimina pavens, sicque loquela privatam et membrorum officiis destitutam parentes eam ligatam in grabato super iumentum Assisium detulerunt. Cumque in die Circumcisionis dominicae coram altari Sancti proiecta iaceret, quid subito, nescio, evomescens, surrexit continuo et altare deosculans ab omni morbo plene curata in Dei laudem et Sancti prorupit.

8Rigomagnus dioecesis Vulteranae vix manibus per terram se trahere valens, a matre propria propter monstruosam turgiditatem relictus, devovit se beato Francisco fuitque continuo liberatus.

9In eadem dioecesi mulieres duae consanguineae, cum sic essent contractae, ut se penitus movere non possent, nisi ab aliis portarentur, excoriatis manibus, quibus se movendo nitebantur, ex solo voto sunt redditae sanitati.

10Iacobus de oppido Bonizi cum adeo esset mirabiliter curvus atque contractus, quod os eius genibus adhaereret, mater eius ipsum ad quoddam oratorium beati Friancisci portavit et oratione pro ipsius liberatione ad Dominum facta, sanum et incolumem ad domum illum reduxit.

11In Vico Albo cuiusdam mulieris manus sicca meritis sancti Patris reliquae similis est facta.

12In civitate Capuae mulier quaedam sepulcrum sancti Francisci personaliter visitare devovit, sed propter causam rei familiaris voti emissi oblita dextri lateris usum subito perdidit. Caput et brachium, contractis nervis, in aliquam partem volvere non valebat; sicque tota plena doloribus vicinos suos ululatu continuo fatigabat.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 70